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If no one has told you that today, and you’re single like me, I figured you needed to hear it. And if you’re not single, you probably still need to hear it.

Thanks for stopping by and I don’t wanna waste your time so let’s get to it.

To start earning and getting traffic to your website (or Avon estore), Pinterest is where I recommend you start.  If you’ve been on Pinterest a while, you know that it’s great for introverts. Unlike Instagram, you don’t have to post any videos on Pinterest to gain a following.

All you want is an attractive Pin template (you can find them free on and a website to send your pins to once you post. (your Avon estore or blog)

One of my pins for a new product launch.


So how does Avon fit into this?

Well, when you start a blog without anything to sell, you can go one of two routes.

Affiliate marketing or direct selling. Affiliate marketing is selling items through Amazon or Clickbank and they’re not your items. You’re creating the content about them and then posting the link for your readers to purchase it.

I tried my hand at affiliate marketing a few times but I just didn’t have the passion for it.

Direct selling is directly linked to an estore or website that belongs to you. If you’re making candles on Etsy then your sales go directly to you.

With Avon, it works much the same. Share your estore links and generate income from your sales.

Sell Avon online sign up button

Avon also offers free social media training for your FB and Instagram if that’s your jam.

How I used Pinterest to go from 19K to 48K viewers in 3 days.

It was time consuming but really simple. In order to grow my Pinterest following and viewers, I had to do 3 things.

  • Create a template and start using the same Pinterest template for everything. You may recognize this template if you found me through Pinterest. Every time I post, I change the words and picture and that’s it.
  • Secondly, I had to be open and reveal a little about myself. I talk about my age, relationship status, my life as a Mom and my struggle as a tall woman. (stating that I’m single) Which I am, but why not be proud to be a single boss Mom right?! I embraced being single even in my bio description.
  • Lastly, in every board description I have on Pinterest, I started using words that people search for and hashtags.
  • Here’s one last shot of my hashtags on one post.
  • I woke up this morning and saw my engagement on Pinterest had blown up to 48K and counting.
  • So I decided to update this page with my results.

And guess what? It’s still increasing because you found me too.

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Sell Avon online using Pinterest


Gorgeous Avon Reps

Get $199 of Free Avon (can apply more than once)

Not ready to sign up for Avon yet? It’s OK. At least sign up to win free Avon products. No purchase necessary. Giveaway will select 3 people! I’ve won this so it’s very possible.

Last Day to enter is 8/31/19 11:59 pm.


Hi I’m Nicole. I’ve been an Avon Representative since 2016. I’m also an Avon Leader, mentor, Influencer and I created the sisterhood of Gorgeous Avon Reps of Instagram.

A little about me.

I’m a single Mom to one smart and energetic little dancing, pianist. We have a pretty good life, the two of us.

I consider a good life one where I can spend quality time with her and give her everything she needs to be successful. My Avon business allows me that luxury.

I’m not gonna tell you that it’s easy earning after you sign up for Avon..

Because it’s not particularly easy. But guess what? It’s fun. And because it’s fun, it feels really easy.

A little later I’ll discuss the ways you can sell Avon just by doing what you normally do.

Maybe you’ve wanted to start a beauty blog but not sure where to start?

I was once in that position and now hundreds of my blogs are read by beauty enthusiasts, bloggers, and Avon Reps.

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Popular pins that made me money on Pinterest (above)

The stats above the pin show it was seen 1,300 times with 17 people clicking the link to my Avon blog.

Below is a screenshot of more performance stats. (You will have to zoom in a bit or save the image and view it in photos)

What does this say?

Notice that the first 5 posts have over 13,000 views on Pinterest in only 30 days. The chart is only showing between June 24th and July 23rd.

These Pinterest stats will convert to both sales and new reps. 

The most popular pin was how to sell Avon online from your phone with over 3500 views in 30 days. Using Pinterest stats like these help me to figure out what next to blog about. 

img_4302AVON Selling Tips

Another high interest point is selling tips for Avon representatives.

Many of my Avon sisters are seeking ways to grow their business and it shows. Before you quit Avon, read this post.  

How to build an Avon team is a completely new beast. It’s a blog I wrote after contacting new YouTubers.

Seen 700 times with clicks and save stats.

Pinterest is definitely a starting point but I also wrote a new and creative way to start building an Avon team using samples here.  

You can check it out if you’re ready to start recruiting Avon reps.

This pin was viewed 1400 times

The last pin I love the most is Boss Mommies Work From Home. This pin tells me the popularity of Moms searching for work from home opportunities with Avon. The times it’s been viewed is over 1,400. 

pinterest avon stats
Impressions stands for times your pin has been viewed.

To recap, thousands of people have now seen my pins for selling Avon online and Avon selling tips in the last 30 days. You guys, I really just started selling on Pinterest.

My Pinterest selling template.

Sell Avon online sign up button

Get sales from Pinterest with a template.

Please don’t think that this is months of work because it’s not. I would say more like a couple of weeks of doing 2 things: Creating a Pinterest graphic (I use canva), and making a title that people will be curious about. And that’s it. 

By choosing a template to highlight your Avon estore items, you are building your brand as an independent Avon Representative who knows what she’s talking about.

This pin was viewed over 100K times in 30 days

pinterest avon stats2
Over 100K views in 30 days (aka impressions) 

Using Pinterest to get more views to your Avon website

I recently ran a really cheap ad on Pinterest. Actually I just started it yesterday. The purpose of ad is to recruit new Avon Representatives that are socially savvy online.

In the ad, I made my Avon website recruiting link the destination link for anyone who clicks on my ad.

Here’s how it’s performing so far. It looks like I’ve spent $1.85 and my ad has been seen over 1300 times since it started last night.

pinterest avon stats3

How to read your Pinterest stats

When I opened the stats, my ad has been viewed 1,300 times, 173 people have saved the pin or viewed it and and 6 people have actually clicked the destination link.

From those 6 clicks in less than 24 hours, I’ve gained 3 new Avon prospects that began filling out the Avon sign on form. That’s a win-win.

pinterest avon stats4

How much can you make after you sign up for Avon?

The answer: Hundreds of thousands a year for some and a few hundred a month for others. Both profits bring bonuses, free trips and countless free products at Avon Rep Fest.

Do what you normally do every day and be successful with Avon.

Just by doing the things you normally do every day, you can carve out any business you’d like.

Sitting by the pool with the kids on a summer afternoon, bring a few Avon faves and snap a photo to use for your social media pages or blog.

Here’s a post I loved writing about 22 reasons to sell Avon instead of buying it. 

My post for a new product that just launched.

You have time to run a business. Trust me.

Do you have to run errands on your days off and too busy to sit at home and work on your business?

Easy fix. Grab the makeup in your purse, sit it on the dash or front seat and snap a photo to use later. You’ll have all things Avon so you won’t have to look too far.

Sell Avon online sign up button

Do you not have time or patience to start a blog?

Just use Avon Insider’s blog. It’s already built into your website. Share the links from it and wait for the sales.

Every business owner will reveal that they never really stop thinking about their business.

It becomes a part of every step you make throughout the day. And your Avon business would be no different. 

Don’t forget to snag your free Avon business cards while you’re at it!


Can’t wait to get started? That’s how I felt when I started!

Fill out a short questionnaire, make sure to list your birthday, choose your Avon Glam Kit, pay the $30 to start your business and immediately customize your personal website in less than 5 minutes.

You’ll receive an email both from Avon Corporate welcoming you to Avon nation and an email from me.


No pushy sales goals to achieve. 

Sell as little or as much as you want. Keep the rest for yourself. Sell Avon part time until you build your email base.

I’m always here to answer any questions and give you guidance.

What Avon Reps See In Our Back Office

On the back office as an Avon business owner, (website at you can track your sales, track your recruits, customize your website, track your rewards and commissions and my favorite….track your earnings to win free all inclusive trips to places like Jamaica, Cancun and more.

On any given day, my makeup bag.

Gorgeous Avon Reps


Once you’ve had a chance to poke around and check things out, you can opt to have your photo added to the Gorgeous Avon Reps page on Instagram.

I’ll list your name, location, how to join your team, and your interests. 

I also have a Facebook group to help keep you in the loop of commonly asked questions for new Avon business owners.

Anyone can find something to feel good about in Avon Nation. We are accepting of all religions, all backgrounds and nationalities, all sexual orientations and all ages.

Why become an Avon Representative?

It is the most inexpensive business opportunity available with the most rewards. The cheapest online business to start is AVON for $30. 

What I wish I had known before I signed up to start selling Avon…

When you first sign up to sell Avon, the most important thing to do is focus on getting 1 person to sign under you (your downline).

I wish I had known how important that was when I first started. Once one person is in your downline, it unlocks some of the leadership perks of selling Avon. 

You’ll be able to receive potential leads through the Advanced leadership program. I now receive emails for every visitor that clicks on my estore. 

The biggest advantage of being an Avon rep

As an Avon Representative in general, ordering your personal beauty needs from your back office is the biggest perk. Once completed, you’ll immediately see which items have earned you a commission.

That commission amount is deducted from your balance or you can elect to receive it via direct deposit.

Me on the go sharing my business while running errands.

Avon is always in the media…showing off and creating new trends. ShapeLipstick_facebook_PressClip

Are you ready to take on an Avon Home Business? 

Do you mind being honest about your life on social mediaThis can be in the form of a Youtube channel, snapchat, or by way of FB or Instagram live stories. 


Do you like blogging?

I always wanted to start a blog in the past. Avon gave me the opportunity to blog not just about my life as a Mom, but beauty as well.

Take your blogging to a new level and start getting paid using AdWords & Adsense while writing about your favorite AVON products.

If you are a crafty person who makes things, you can use your AVON to reward your customers or supply add-ons to your sales.

To mom’s, always have something for you.

Taking time out to pamper ourselves feels like a joke at times. That is, until you finally get to do it! Start your Mommy blog right now because before you know it, it will be 2 years from now and you’ll wish you had started. 

Or simply start an Avon business and run everything from your phone and Pinterest.

Mark. By Avon Lipsticks For Teens & Millennials
Avon Liquid Glimmer Eye Shadow

Avon is really a sisterhood. We lift each other up.

I help others use these tools to elevate their blogs and get more traffic on Google. I’m now able to only work my day job part time because of my Avon business. The extra time I get to spend with my daughter is priceless.

Do you buy gifts for family and friends? 

It’s tough to find the right gift for those who have everything. By selling Avon, you will use AVON to create your own gift baskets.

Often times AVON  Sales Reps get first dibs on popular items for more than 80% off. My Mom (the woman who has everything) gets Avon for every occasion and she loves it.

Do you enjoy reviewing products and having access to free makeup and free skincare samples? 

Making videos about AVON products gives you a great audience for people looking to review products before buying them.

Youtube is the #1 platform for anyone looking to market their products. Google loves YT also, which makes it easy to soar to the top of keyword searches.

What are “keyword searches”?

Keyword searches are the most popular words or phrases online users search to find what they need.

Avon has a list of them that you can see for free just be typing in buy Avon or sell Avon into your search bar. The suggested phrases that come up are what we call popular keywords.


Most business owners conduct the majority of their business from their mobile device.

Let’s say you only have a smart phone but no laptop or tablet to start your business. Fortunately for you, Avon training tools are all done from the Avon 2.0 app.

Edit your estore, track your earnings, submit orders, and see who’s signed up to join your team from the app.


Social media training tools are also accessible from the app very easily 24/7/365.

The Mom things I get to enjoy doing because of my business.

Do you spend more than $20 a month on beauty products? 

I used to be a MAC and Sephora robot. I ordered products every couple of months and used the discount codes I would get in my emails.

Thankfully I’ll never be that girl again. With Avon, I get my discounts every single time I order anything.

No discount codes needed or coupons, no minimum sales targets. Your discount applies all the time…. Every time.

My Avon Earnings from Avon One Month (before I was in Avon leadership)


Do you have at least 1-3 hours per week to work on your business?

No one will ever tell you that their climb to the top wasn’t lonely. You don’t have to be a social butterfly when you sign up to sell Avon online only.

What is your goal  for how much extra you’d like to make per month? How much time do you have to grow your business?

AVON  is the best makeup business to start.

Harsh, but true.

Becoming an AVON REP is submerging yourself right into the middle of a steadily evolving make up, fashion, and skincare business.

More than 50% of people are going to be working from home in some way in the next decade. 

Don’t let your comfort zone stop you from trying.

This is the best time to start selling Avon while the compensation plans are leaving money on the table for us to grab.

Being a part of this exclusive group (membership is for current Avon reps) you’ll have access to the following gems that today’s Avon Reps need the most.

Are you struggling with self confidence? Or maybe you’re self confident but need a little help to move past some difficult points in your life?

Starting your own business did that for me and many others.


What you’ll learn while selling Avon…

1. How to use as social media to market yourself in a positive and beautiful way.

2. What beauty customers care about the most.

3. How to budget earnings with personal purchases.

4. How to turn No’s into Yes’s! (Even if you’re shy)

5. How to track what AVON customers are attracted to and what products they routinely buy the most.

6. How to manage an email database.

7. How to follow up with past customers and satisfy their needs.

8. How to find potential customers.

9. How to lead others to success.

And last but not least…

10. How to feel the most beautiful you’ve ever felt!

All of these things I’ve listed… Are either learned on your own, with me, or through AVON training.

Sign up to sell Avon online

There aren’t any other direct sales makeup and skincare companies who routinely offer training right from the convenience of your cell phone from your website back office.

More On How To Sell Avon Online Successfully 

I began marketing  my Avon business immediately after I joined. In a short time, I realized I wasn’t going to leave this business anytime soon.

Here are my Top 10 Reasons To become an AVON Rep!

When you become an AVON Rep, Avon gives you access to clearance makeup and/or new products at a crazy discount.

You’ll receive notification of products only available to Avon representatives at more than 80% off.

These eye shadow quads were $2

If you  already have a BLOG, gain more visits using Avon Products. 

Surprisingly, the most popular Avon blogs are those that help other Avon reps.

When you can come up with a new and innovative way to market your Avon business your blog will grow natural traffic which converts to money earned.

Blogging is the quickest way to grow your Avon business, or any direct sales business.

You don’t have to know much about the products to sell Avon online.

Avon just celebrated 130 years in the business. You will find that most customers have worn or know someone who wears Avon.

As opposed to a new brand where you would have to explain your products. With Avon, give them your brochure, a great deal, and follow up. That’s the beauty in the business.

There are tons of people selling Avon online but there’s untapped potential too!

Sometimes I would fall asleep with 10 windows open on my laptop. All of whom were Avon reps making a great life from their business.

I carved a little niche for myself in marketing my Avon but I noticed there’s room for someone bigger.

Google Avon Makeup tutorials, there’s really not anyone dominating that market. So much potential to earn and be seen as a fresh Avon face!

You can earn money selling Avon with or without signing anyone up.

There are thousands of Avon Reps who make a sizable amount of earnings with few to no reps in their down line. (Down Line: The people who sign up as reps under you.)


It gives MUA’s (make-up artists) a second income.

If you don’t have your own line of products to sell, selling Avon to your customers is even easier for you.

Once they love the look you’ll create, selling AVON to your clients is going to be so easy. You don’t have to sell anything at all really. The proof is in the after photos!

Sign up for Avon + customize your business any way you’d like 

Avon gives you the option to easily give discounts to anyone. Selling Avon online also allows you to grow your email database every time a customer places an order through your website.

Avon also has an auto email campaign that sends your client list emails for you.

Latina Avon Reps attract Spanish speaking customers. Fashion conscious Avon Reps attract fashion bloggers.

Mommy Avon Reps attract other Moms. Plus size Avon Reps attract other plus size ladies. Stay at home moms attract the same. And so on.

This is how you can customize your Avon business to attract the type of customers you identify most with.

Beautiful Avon advertising for your social media pages

Free Advertising For Avon Reps 

You don’t need a custom domain (.com) in order to have a successful blog starting off. Social media pages are all free for AVON Reps.

You don’t have to pay advertising costs to sign up for Avon Glam gig.

Buy gifts from your estore 

Avon has products for kids, Mom,Dad, family members, friends and whoever else is deserving of your product.

It’s like paying yourself commission to buy what you would normally purchase anyway.

Boost your confidence & self esteem 

This one is personal to me. Before I started selling Avon online only, I was very uninspired some days to do my makeup and accessorize my outfits.

As a Mom, it’s so important to take time out for you. Order your favorites, earn money, and enjoy your private access to the best products in the world.

It didn’t take long to realize that all the money I was spending trying to find my perfect foundation match was a waste.


Statistics show that in the coming years, more than 50% of the population will be working remotely from home.
Avon is a way to save on what you purchase already and accumulate a second income right now.

Sign up to sell Avon Online

If you’re ready to start your Avon business and join Gorgeous Avon Reps, now is the best time.

No other business will only cost $30 to secure a fully functional mobile estore, free training, life and mobile discounts, health insurance, tuition reimbursement, and so much more. 

If you’d like to join me and learn how much I make as an Avon Representative, you can contact me on Instagram.

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