How To Get Free Makeup Samples Before You Buy Avon

Get a free Glam Kit of full size Avon products when you become an Avon Glamster online.

Hi I’m Nicole! I’ve been an Avon Representative since 2016 and I’ve loved every minute of it. Already an Avon Rep? This post will be beneficial when I talk about demos.

Avon’s newest Glam Kit and perks

For now, I’d like to reveal how becoming an Avon Rep gives us access to samples, demos, and full size products. As of April 2, 2019, when you sign up to sell Avon online, you’ll receive a free Glam Kit of your choice. With registration, you’ll create your Avon estore/website name. That can be changed but I recommend you choose a website name that’s short, sweet, and easy for people to spell.


By becoming an AVON REP in the U.S. you don’t necessarily have to sell to anyone. If you choose to use your account for personal purchases, you’ll save and earn commission as well. Not everyone is at a point in their lives where they can take on a new project, especially not a sales one. There are some AVON REPS who choose not to grow their business right away, or those who only sell to friends and family. Placing an order on my Avon estore is wonderful, but why not invest a one time $30 which unlocks ALL of the AVON promotions?


How to get my Avon discount?

When you purchase an order through your online store, your cart calculates your commission. Orders are $150 receive 40% commission during your first order as an Avon Rep. You can add sample packs to this order. For example, lipstick samples are only $1.50.


This is one of those opportunities that’s so VALUABLE, I can’t keep it a secret. When you become an AVON Representative, you’ll be able to order yourself samples of lipstick, glosses, skin care, foot care, body perfume, bath lotions, bath oils, and more. AVON’s e-rep mobile app is a fully functioning discount machine. In addition to the sample perks, AVON REPS receive first notification on ALL sale items at above 75% off.


If you’re not signed up to sell Avon yet, you can request a free sample using the dropdown order form below and I’ll send one directly.




The worst feeling is buying a lipstick only to get it home and the color swatch on your hand is nothing like the way it looks on your lips. This is the reason why lip colour samples are my favorite.


Why is it so hard to find free makeup samples?

I’ll tell you why. It takes time to ship free samples when it’s coming from an independent dealer. Avon beauty reps who don’t have an assistant want to know that you’re interested in buying the best Avon products before they give out free makeup samples.

Do bloggers send free makeup samples?

Many beauty bloggers do send free samples to subscribers when they are active subscribers. Most Avon reps will always send free makeup samples. Any beauty contractor sends free samples as well. Until you find your favorites, beauty consultants for AVON, Mary Kay, Posh, Rodan & Fields, Young Living, Jamberry Nails, Lipsense and many more are very open to sending samples.

Place an order and get free beauty samples with these companies…

The following companies will send free makeup and free skincare samplesjust by placing an order. It’s a good idea to create a separate email address just to register your free samples.

How to get free makeup samples with any purchase.

As my Avon online store has gained more popularity, the demand for free makeup samples has increased. As always, I am grateful!  In order to continue receiving your free Avon makeup samples , when you place an order from my online store, I immediately receive your information to send a free lipstick sample.

Get free makeup samples after leaving a review.

Some companies will ship free makeup samples after you leave a product review. I noticed that IPSY allows you to accumulate points for every beauty product review. After so many points, you’re able to grab a free beauty product! You can get an IPSY account using this referral link.  If you review every IPSY glam bag you receive, your points add up quickly. I was able to grab this Seraphine Botanicals peachy, rose natural blush box.

When to expect your free AVON product samples?

(Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your free makeup samples.) I can currently only send free samples to customers who have placed an order or signed up to sell Avon online and joined my team.

 The one thing I love about Avon is how women are represented from all backgrounds.









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