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24 Bad Girl Rules For Pursuing Your Passion

How not following the rules makes you a leader in the direct sales beauty business.

You can’t be a good girl without once being bad. Which rules are you pursuing your passion with? What no one tells you is that to be successful, you must create your own rules. If that means not following others, then let’s rebel together. Starting any direct sales business requires leadership and creativity.


24 BAD GIRL RULES OF PURSUING YOUR PASSION (insert Avon where applicable)

I developed this list from personal experience over the course of 6 months and after a ridiculously crazy relationship & breakup.

  1. When you have a business, you get a lot of calls. Use phone sales people as information sounding boards, then hang up. 
  2. Find one thing you love and annoy someone talking about it. 
  3. Embrace being weird. Most millionaires are weird. 
  4. If by now, you haven’t stayed up half the night researching that thing you love, you should probably switch gears.
  5. Change your social media habits. Like “Pages” that will immerse you in your passion. Opening up your FB feed will become research.
  6. Do NOT talk to people who don’t share your passions about your passions. Absolutely draining. 
  7. Stay away from negative family members. They’re too old to know how we do things in business nowadays. (we all have at least 1)
  8. Pull at least 1 all-nighter per week working on your craft.
  9. Don’t focus on money. Build a team and the money will come. 
  10. Can you take a class on that thing you love? If so, do it. If not, You Tube. 
  11. Don’t be afraid of your competition. You can do it 10x’s better. 
  12. Volunteer. Somewhere. Anywhere. 
  13. Don’t start a new romantic relationship, unless it’s with your dreams or in your dreams. 
  14. No support from your spouse, bf, or gf? That relationship is a myth. Close that chapter, it’s doomed. 
  15. Kids want more of your time? Find ways to work together. You – business. Them – homework. Then take a dance break. 
  16. Designate time to relax and clear your mind, take up drinking once a week. 
  17. Don’t be afraid to ask for donations if your mission is a charitable one. People need to donate more than just at Christmas & Thanksgiving and they kinda know it. 
  18. Subscribe to a magazine you love. Reading about millionaires makes you mad and inspired all at once. 
  19. When dealing with takers, you run that show. Keep it that way and they may be of great service. 
  20. Always say “Thank You”, twice.
  21. Have a designated work space…or use the library. (It’s so peaceful there.)
  22. Get a doctor’s check up once a year. It’s annoying but worth it. 
  23. Listen more and talk less, with those who talk too much. 
  24. Give.


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