How To Place Your Avon Order For The First Time

Learn how to place an Avon order for the first time. And some general Avon tips and tricks of ordering.


Download the Avon 2.0 App

Click on the 3 lines at the top left of your screen. You will see this page.

The easiest way to place your first Avon order is to shop the Avon brochure just like you are your own customer.

Click on THE BOOK (on the right of the screen) And you’ll see the below preview of the current Avon Campaign.

From here you can flip the Avon brochure pages, zoom in, and touch items you want to add to your shopping cart.

Select items and when you want to check on your total, touch the shopping cart at the top right.

Where do you see your Avon commission on the first order?

From the shopping cart, select VIEW ORDER. The checkout screen will tell you your savings on that order. (I just selected something random to show you.)

As a new Avon representative you typically will be earning 40% commission on your order.

Of course, the bigger your order, the more you save. Here’s an example below.

AVON ORDERING TIP: Avon reps can choose to shop from 3 different campaigns. You have access to products that may not be on sale now but were on sale in the last campaign. 

AVON ORDERING TIP: Always buy at least the main brochure. Avon will send you a few of the Outlet brochures with every order. 

AVON ORDERING TIP: Click on the sales tools before you check out. If you can, purchase a few lipstick sample packs. They are typically $2.00 for 12 samples. 

AVON ORDERING TIP: Steer away from the items that are running low on stock. (yellow dot) This will save disappointing customers and/or yourself if they don’t come in. I would only buy these if you’re ordering at the very beginning of a campaign when the sale just started. 

**AVON ORDER TIP: After 6 or so campaigns of regular ordering, you’ll receive an Avon line of credit of $200.00 starting out.**

Are you not an Avon rep yet? Sign up to be an Avon rep if you’d like these perks.

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