How To Get Your Free AVON Business Cards

How to get 200+ free Avon business cards through Avon sales tools.

47433140-6359-43AD-A4D4-4CD8688B5B04.pngGet 200 free Avon business cards.

From the link,,  click on SHOP NOW. Create an account and sign in. This should direct you to the Avon supplies page. The first set of cards listed is the style that’s free.

Select business cards on the left column of the page (see below).


Click on the words STANDARD CARDS  in the first box of business cards and select ADD TO CART.


Select VIEW CART and Enter PROMO CODE – A2LQWAD. The price in the cart will drop to shipping & handling only. Enter your checkout information first and confirm your shipping address before you personalize your cards.

Enjoy your FREE Avon business cards!

P.S. If you’re placing your second order, you’ll receive another 200 free Avon business cards with any card purchase.




Business cards for some are considered an older model of marketing a business. I would have to disagree. Avon Business Cards are a valuable tool for one very important part of marketing….your Avon Brochure. By placing a business card inside or outside of your Avon brochure, you’re essentially placing a price tag on an item in a showroom. Without that simple connection, many ladies will lose interest in shopping with you. Genuinely and consistently use your Avon business cards to recruit in passing and market your business.

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