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How To Get Your Free AVON Business Cards

How to get 200 free Avon business cards.

Update: Town N Country no longer supplies Avon business cards. However, I did find some websites that supply free business cards with no fine print or hidden fees. 

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This online design company supplies 200 free business cards + free shipping. If you want more, get 300 free business cards and just pay $5.95 in shipping. Here’s the catch, all you have to do is share their promotion to twitter or any social media feed. They have the steps lined out for you. It’s really easy and the 200 business cards are free with pretty quick delivery. 


Vistaprint has been around for a long time and I think we all pretty much know them as a household name now. They also provide a free business card sample kit. I just signed up for their sample kit and it was free. I was surprised that they didn’t ask for shipping at all. This is a great option too. Usually after you receive the sample kit, they’ll offer you a nice coupon code deal to purchase cards. Anytime you leave something in an online shopping cart, you’ll always receive incentive to complete the purchase. 


I love Shopify. I checked and naturally Shopify has a list of great business card options too. All of them have free options. 


I found this great way to print out business cards whenever and wherever you are. It’s an option to get a portable card printer if you think your business card information will change with time. I also buy my labels to put updated contact information on my cards. This way, when your info changes, you won’t have to replace all of your business cards! These are the labels I use for my printer


One of the ways you can get started quickly is by simply printing labels with your business card info. Once you use the label maker and print it out, you’ll place it on a blank business card. The best size for business card labels has been this Avery printing label from Amazon

Update: Town N Country no longer supplies Avon business cards.


47433140-6359-43AD-A4D4-4CD8688B5B04.png Get 200 free Avon business cards.

From the link, TOWN & COUNTRY PRINTING FOR AVON,  click on SHOP NOW.

Next, Select business cards on the left column of the page (see below).


Next, Click on the words STANDARD CARDS  in the first box of business cards and select ADD TO CART.


Select VIEW CART and Enter PROMO CODE A2LQWAD. The price in the cart will drop to shipping & handling only. Enter your checkout information first and confirm your shipping address before you personalize your cards.

You may have to create an account to complete this step.

Personalize & Enjoy your FREE Avon business cards!

P.S. If you’re placing your second order, you’ll receive another 200 free Avon business cards with any card purchase.



Business cards for some are considered an older model of marketing a business. I would have to disagree. Avon Business Cards are a valuable tool for one very important part of marketing….your Avon Brochure.

By placing a business card inside or outside of your Avon brochure, you’re essentially placing a price tag on an item in a showroom. Without that simple connection, many ladies will lose interest in shopping with you.

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