Guest Blogging With An Avon Representative

07B5E906-3F9E-4275-86FB-71CC5201CB73 What is guest blogging? As outlined in this article describing guest blogging, guest blogging is the process of posting on another’s blog in order to build relationships, Google authority, mutual exposure, and links.

Using Avon social media (the new platform), create a post asking to be contacted about guest blogging. Include an invitation for guest blogging in your WordPress or blog website so that others will be able to find you. For example, I have the only website recognizing Gorgeous Avon Reps. The blog itself has a #1 listing on Google for those key words. I began getting guest blogging offers via email and by phone.

How does this help you? I’ll explain. When other websites or blogs link to your content, it establishes a higher Google authority, which puts you just a little bit more visible in search results.

As an Avon Representative, you have the freedom to merge connections on your own very freely… In this same way. Try searching for beauty bloggers using Tumblr, Instagram, and Snapchat.  Follow, connect, and repeat. The number one mistake we make in forging connections online is forgetting to actually connect and comment. Bloggers listed on the pages 1,2, or 3 of your Google search may not be accepting guest blogs/bloggers. But bloggers on pages 5-10 are trying to gain organic Google authority as much as you are. Follow, connect, repeat. Blogs on higher pages of google want to connect with you if they truly understand the advantages of guest blogging.

It can happen that you’ll run into someone who has no idea what you’re referring to. My advice is to move on. If a blogger doesn’t understand basic SEO and what it takes to rank higher on Google, he/she won’t be of much help to you in the long run. Send an email and try to connect with those who have an active beauty or fashion blog. With as much as Avon stays in the top news blogs, there’s always an Avon product review that’s dying to be told or an audience that wants to know more about the Avon Opportunity.

Lastly, if you know someone who is also in beauty sales, that sells opposite from you (ItWorks and companies similar), business to business is awesome in that situation if they have a personal website. Most people are receptive to it as long as it’s not contradictory to the products and services they offer.


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