I Have No Talents, What Do I Blog About?


First, I don’t believe any one person has absolutely “no talents” to share.

Are you looking for that ONE thing that you can blog about all day with minimal research? If so, this is for you. Don’t doubt that you’ll find that thing. I have a way for you to figure it out.

But first… Let’s tackle the obvious elephant in the room that most beginning bloggers face. The fear that it’s already been done, so why should you do it.

Remember this.

Do you have more than one favorite movie? More than one favorite food? Or more than one favorite comedian? Do you follow more than one blogger? My answers to all of these are YES, ABSOLUTELY. Every blogger I’ve followed has given a fresh outlook on an old topic. You are the next fresh outlook! 

Who will read your blogs? I’ll tell you!

Make a list of what you’re vulnerable about and those of us who share those thoughts will want to read your blog! The more honest it is, the better. My list would go something like this:

My anxiety

My fear of messing up as a Mom

My lack of organization

My distrust in relationships….

And so on….

Your target audience will like you for what makes you vulnerable. Figure out your vulnerabilities and those who share the same ones are the beginning of building your target audience. 

The best blog to start with no experience?

The magic answer to this question is ANYTHING. If I wanted to right now, I could start a blog on carpet cleaning. I’d do the research, add my opinions & start blogging about it while sharing my posts on Pinterest. Ideally, you’d want to go with a topic with minimal research needed.

Secret Tip: Choose a magazine that you love! Subscribe to emails from that magazine (you can do this free). As you receive email notifications of online articles, you will begin to brainstorm what interests you. A blog idea is born.

Secret Tip: Download a current events application on your phone. Yahoo is a good one. Customize the alerts so that you only receive alerts from topics you’re interested in. (ie, baking, diy, fashion, etc.) Those creative juices will begin flowing quickly for your own blog post or theme ideas!

Blogging Tip: Don’t worry about what’s trending. You’re trending!

How I started blogging….

Honestly, I always wanted to blog; but for the wrong reasons. I craved to be the girl sitting in the coffee shop with my laptop open, glasses on my nose and typing away in my zone.

The freedom that represented for me was a beautiful image!

I kinda stumbled into a blogging niche when I signed up to become an Avon Rep.

But wait, I didn’t actually think I was REALLY going to sell Avon. I just wanted a discount and it was only $15 to join at the time.

After 1 year of not doing anything with my Avon business (but giving myself discounts), I decided to get serious. 

I organized the group Gorgeous Avon Reps on Instagram. These ladies inspired and reminded me that we all have unique talents to inspire others. 

After about 2 years of writing posts here and there, today I run this blog as well as a few more and they’re all profitable enough that I only work my day job part time.

Don’t believe the hype.

Many bloggers will tell you that they’re blogging full time and making thousands a month. It takes years to get to that point, and there are no quick ways to do it. If working from home is your dream, and you’re ready to get creative and push your boundaries, you can do it.

Is the Avon blogger pool too much competition?

There are actually less than 10 top rated Avon bloggers sharing the Google top space. There’s plenty of room for new bloggers, new opinions, new styles, and a fresh approach. Even still, there are currently NO Vloggers (You Tubers) that have gone viral by sharing Avon looks only. 

Currently, the cost is $30 to start an Avon beauty business and become an online seller on Pinterest & Instagram. That $30 will allow you to choose a Glam Kit of full size products and customize your own Avon website.

I found my niche through Avon because it gave me something to blog about. It gave me a product to sell. And since I’m not particularly the crafty type, it was perfect for me.

If you’re still struggling to find your niche in the blogging world, I’d say give it a try.

Step 1. Sign up to sell Avon.

Step 2. Customize your Avon online store.

Step 3. Think about a blog title (that doesn’t contain the word Avon)

Step 4. Don’t think, just write. 

Step 5. Edit, use Canva templates and publish to Pinterest!

I talk more about Pinterest tips for gaining new followers from your blog post here


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