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Gorgeous Avon Rep LaToya in Charlotte, NC

Not only am I in love with Avon lip colors, but I was so happy to find someone else who is too. LaToya is a perfect example of good vibes and you’ll see that when you follow her Instagram page. She’s a working Mom but also finds time to keep up a personal blog. Anyone who knows anything about blogging knows the rewards but hard work it takes to put into a blog.

I asked LaToya to tell me a little about herself: 

Hello Nicole,

It’s such a pleasure to meet you! I received your message on IG  (lecargile) and I was truly shocked! Thank you for considering me a Gorgeous AVON Rep, wow! Per your request I have created a bio. Thank you for the possible feature. I truly appreciate the opportunity!

I’m from NC, but spent some time in my younger years in Tampa, Fl. I come from a single parent home (I’m the oldest of four) where my mother was a no non-sense parent. I am thankful for my upbringing, because it has 100% made me into the person I am today. I went to Winston-Salem State University and 16 months after graduating, I relocated to Charlotte, NC in 2004. It was one of the bravest moves I’ve ever made because I didn’t know a soul in the area. I packed up my car, found an apartment (with no job, no furniture, nothing) and started my new life in Charlotte. I was blessed enough to find a job upon two weeks of being here.

I met my husband in 2005, dated him for five years before saying “I do.” In between the “I Do”, I birthed my daughter (who is now 10) and later in 2011 gave birth to identical twin boys.

I live a busy life and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I work outside of the home full-time in Recruiting and Training and naturally devote the rest of my time to my family as well as indulging in one of my favorite hobbies- shopping for gifts and scouring for the next best deal!

I decided to take this leap of faith with AVON after my best friend suggested giving it a try (I’ve use the products before, so I knew they were “of quality” and I can stand by them). I love to travel and with three very active kids, the extra income can hopefully help me to show them the world AND continue to set them up with a financially secure future.  It also is an learning opportunity to display to my kids and demonstrate what it means to work smart, take chances and why it’s important to be an entrepreneur.

I’m brand new to the business, but looking forward to exciting times and new partnerships as an AVON Rep!

Thank you again, Nicole!

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