Gorgeous Avon Rep Jeanie in Bronx, NY

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Avon Jeanie has gained over 24K followers on Instagram just by being herself and working her business.

Jeanie is the definition of a work from home Mom but she’s hardly working from home. Instead shes connecting with the people of NY as she handles daily errands and visits her regular stops. Let me tell you, she’s the sweetest person I’ve encountered in quite some time. 

Jeanie founded the hashtag #streetsquadreps for her Avon team and her business and clientele is steadily climbing. Here’s a snippet of my interview with  Jeanie, Avon President’s Club Leader.

(she made me cry ya’ll)


…I use to be a single mom dealing with homelessness.  It was hard to maintain a job and harder to be accepted in a shelter…especially with no friends, no family and no money for a sitter. I couldn’t get welfare, which meant I couldn’t take care of my daughter. I ended up making a hard decision to place my daughter in a home yet I didn’t want to be apart from her.  I was frustrated, sad, homeless and missing my baby. Something had to give….Read full interview

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