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7 Ways To Start Avon For Free

Sell Avon online only for free in 3 steps using only your phone.

Hello friends! I have great news. From now until 3/31/20, you can start Avon for free!

Avon free sign from Canva

(The following information will not be accurate until March 31. Please use the above photo to sell Avon online free.)

Please refer to the beginning of the post to start Avon for free until March 31st.

Have you searched for how to start Avon for free and you just can’t find anything that really works or makes sense? In this post, you’ll find real suggestions for starting Avon for absolutely no cost.

Typically every direct sales business requires an investment. Here are some popular examples.

8| Lula Roe – $5K

7|Mary Kay – $100

6|Jamberry Nails – $99

5|Pampered Chef – $109 starting

4|Thirty One – $99 starting

3|Perfectly Posh – $94

2|IT Works – $99

1| Avon – $30 (lowest startup cost)


img_5213 My name is Nicole Mae and I’ve been an Avon Representative & leader since 2016.

Check out my 3 steps to sell Avon online for free.

How To Sell Avon Online For Free

What You Need

  • Printer (Color)
  • A few friends who trust you
  • A positive mindset

The most popular way to start Avon for free is by selling your Glam Starter Kit before you receive it.

How do you know what’s coming in your Glam kit?

Verify Your Starter Kit Here

To verify your starter kit contents, start the sign up process in order to see your starter kit and stop before completing the sign up.

Step One

Write down all the items coming in the starter kit and put that list to the side.

Step Two

Look up the items in the kit you choose and save their photos to your phone.

Using the Canva app, select the Flyer template and create a flyer with the photo of each item, it’s description, regular price and sale price.

Text the flyer to family members and friends.

Your customers now see exactly what they’ll be receiving.

Step Three

Collect sales money from anyone who wishes to purchase the items until you have $30

Next, finish the sign up for your Avon Starter kit with a debit card.

Distribute your purchased items and keep the rest for yourself.

You have now started Avon For Free!

Do you like to travel? Avon has a travel opportunity every year!

Every year Avon has a business + party conference. Avon reps new and old are celebrated and rewarded with hundreds of cash prizes and free products. We’re able to book special group rate rooms and return home with bags of free and new launch products. 

Sell Avon Online Free by Blogging

I blog a lot, so of course I have a list on hand of the benefits Avon provides. Some popular Avon selling tips have helped thousands of representatives grow million dollar teams!

Don’t know much about Avon products? Your business Glam Kit will fill you in.

The one thing that  every girl or special guy can never say no to is a great lipstick. Avon makes it easy to fall in love with lipstick.

This company has mastered the art of great lip colors, textures, and finishes. I’ve included 14 tips very Avon rep should know to give you an idea if selling Avon works for you.


Get AVON sales using lipstick samples

Since lipstick is the way in the door, your Avon back office is where you’ll find exclusive access to lipstick samples for hundreds of colors and finishes. Each 10 piece bullet sample is less than $2. It really does start with lipstick.

Some Avon Starter Kit Previews

“Best Face Forever” AVON Starter Kit my-bff-best-face-forever-bundle

Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir

Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick in Delicate Date

Avon True Color Love at 1st Lash Mascara in Blackest Black

Avon True Color Glimmerstick Eye Liner in Blackest Black





Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick in Persimmon Pink

Avon True Color Eye Shadow Quad in Mocha Latte

Avon True Color Love at 1st Lash Mascara in Blackest Black

MagiX Face Perfector, SPF 20

Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum

“All Eyes On You” AVON Starter Kit all-eyes-on-you-bundle

Anew Hydra Fusion De-Puffing Eye Cream

Anew Hydra Fusion Ultra Moisture Serum

Love At First Lash Mascara

Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss Crystal Clear

For ways 4, 5, 6, and 7 to sell Avon online for free, mix and match the items in the Glam Kit that you feel you could sell the easiest.

Who is going to buy Avon products from you before you’re an official Avon Representative? 







6|Business Partner



9|Life Partner


Any person who has knowledge of Avon products.

Any person who admires and trusts YOU. 


How To Sell Avon Online Free

Your first Avon order will be 40% off. Read the tips I posted about 5 ways to sell Avon from your phone. If you truly want to get some feels about what being in business for yourself feels like, challenge yourself with an Avon business, work hard, come out of your shell, + start getting rewarded for your dedication.

AVON sign up

Don’t Post Selfies Without Getting Something From It

Become an Avon Influencer while still sharing your life through photos. Sharing your life through photos for family & friends is great. But if you take great photos and have an eye for capturing sweet moments, why not stand behind a brand when you post them? Fashion & beauty Bloggers alike find ways to incorporate their business into their daily lives both online and off. 

Wanna be A Blogger? Perfect Way To Start.

If you’ve always wanted to start an Avon YouTube Channel or start a beauty blog from your phone, Avon is world wide and the best way to start!

start avon

How To Start Selling Avon Online

Using a debit/credit card, your email address, and the desire to run your own business, visit STARTAVON.COM and fill out the short form to become an Avon Representative for $30. You will be asked through email to finish customizing your e-store with a profile picture, and writing a little about yourself.

After your sign up is complete, congratulations! There’s a lot of information on your back office at that can seem overwhelming at first.

***In order to qualify for the Avon Influencer route, you must have an Instagram page with at least 500 followers.***


Sell Avon Online Free w/ Avon Social

Avon offers two very important tools that will skyrocket your business. The first is Avon SOCIAL. Using Avon Social, you’re able to choose from hundreds of already curated beautiful posts and schedule them to be posted to your social media pages. What does that mean?

It means you can market your Avon estore for an entire week in less than 10 minutes and over 20 scheduled posts. Choose between quotes, video tutorials, lifestyle articles, food, parenting, what’s trending, and more.

Sell Avon Online Free w/ Social Media Training

Once you’re in the sisterhood, you also have access to free tools such as social media training for beginners. I’ll tell you what’s so cool about our training!

Avon actually sat down with Instagram developers to find out the secrets to success with getting sales on Instagram. better yet, as an Avon Influencer, you’ll receive all of the social hashtags specific to Avon so that your progress can be celebrated.

Avon In The News

Join other Avon Reps & Influencers on Instagram showing their lives and looks online! Check out Gorgeous Avon Reps on Instagram. Many of them have been featured on @AvonInsider as online influencers. And others have been recognized by Avon’s corporate social media pages for posts as simple & beautiful as applying a new lipstick in a video!

Get More Avon Customers Online

My favorite way to get more Avon customers online is by using the integrated social media app exclusively for Avon Reps. I also use Pinterest a lot! The social media platform for Avon has updated articles about where Avon products are being shown in the media and popular magazines.


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