How To Get More Avon Customers Online

How to get Avon customers online using your phone. Here are my top secrets on how to get more Avon customers online and how to sell Avon online only with success.

All of these Avon selling tips can be accomplished with a smart phone or tablet.


Make short videos of you opening your Avon boxes to get more Avon customers

You’ll get more Avon customers online just by simply showing a more in depth look at beautiful Avon products.

How to snap gorgeous pictures for your Avon marketing and get more Avon customers

Flipagram, Viva Video, Instashot, and other video apps are great for making a beginner video look like a pro.

Just make sure to take really still and clear photos.

Make sure your photos are clear by cleaning the camera lens of your phone beforehand. Selfie lights are a cheap way to get great photos too.

Then tap your finger on the center of your phone screen in order to focus the shot.


Find a pretty spot in your home

Every business person needs a small enough space to help them get inspired.

Even a large shoe box was one woman’s office. Each day she would unload and load up the box.

Find a place in your home with nice lighting and snap your photos in front of that space regularly.


Use Pinterest to get more Avon customers online

Create Pinterest boards and share your online store every 2 weeks! (Several times a day)

I try to use the same template so that my followers know that it’s me when my pins appear. Remember to only use images from Avon social.

Make videos with you in them.

Did you know you can make videos with just pictures? I love this feature for when I don’t quite feel up to begging on camera.

Using my photos, I create a video, add music to it, and post it to Instagram, Facebook, and my blogs.


When you have great customers (even if it’s only 1-2) reward them with thank you cards and free samples.

Take a step further and find out their birthdays.

GET FREE SHIPPING (4) Don’t compare yourself to other Reps.

In this business, competition is high but there’s PLENTY of room for everyone.

There are no Avon Representative MUA’s that are well known within the company. (Outside of Avon execs)

The lane is wide open for someone outgoing to start new trends.

The biggest mistake Avon Reps make is giving up too soon.


Know your local area & interact with them to get more Avon customers online

Do you live in a military community? Or maybe a tourist/beach area? Or a small town?

This is important because depending on your area, your marketing will vary.

For instance, small town Avon Reps can connect with local businesses that they see regularly. Gas stations, fast food, daycares, etc.

In this case, I would also connect with them on Instagram or Facebook.


Use Samples Wisely

If you can, always get 2 referrals from each sample. When you sell Avon, advertise that you’re giving away samples on Facebook locally or ask the library if you can host an Avon fundraiser event there.

The library always has a media room and they will advertise your event for you as well. Community libraries will often times do this free of charge.

Use a company to send Avon brochures to past customers

I began using Campaign Mailer to begin shipping Avon brochures to all of my recent and past Avon customers. Since doing so, I’ve been getting 3x’s more orders online.

The company also sends Avon brochures with free samples for pennies more.

Invest about $20 a month starting out and your earnings will begin to exceed your investment. Below shows the orders coming in now that I’ve begun mailing Avon brochures. 



What recruiting looks like when you advance into Avon leadership

I can’t think of a better way to wake up with my coffee and my email! It’s a great feeling!

Connect with people like yourself

Join groups on Facebook that appeal to the things you love and identify with. Most Facebook groups have a thread that allows you to post your business weekly.

Go to Avon Rep Fest At Least Once

At Avon Rep Fest, you’ll be so inspired with new information and ways to market your business. Not to mention, it’s fun meeting all the million dollar team leaders.

Sign up for Avon ALMA Leads

5 Ways to Sell Avon online from your phone. 

Leave a comment if you’ve had success with Avon fundraising. I’d love to know!

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