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How Much Does It Cost To Start Selling Avon

How much does it cost to start selling Avon? Become an Avon Influencer.

How much does it cost to start selling Avon? Not much at all. Start your Avon glam gig for $30. Your Avon kit includes free products, your lifetime estore, free shipping, and social business tools to run any business online. Join other Gorgeous Avon Reps.

the avon strarter kit 2020
This is the updated Avon Starter Kit ($30 Sign Up)

Avon Starter Kit


How much do you have to invest to start earning with an Avon business?

Depending on how you choose to run your Avon business, I would advise not to spend anything at all in the beginning. You’re just starting off and there are so many different ways to market your Avon business for free.

You can choose to be an Avon Influencer and use your Instagram or Facebook page to promote your lashes, fashion, shoe-wear, skincare, home goods and more. 

Free Tools To Help Sell Avon Successfully


Create A Facebook Page

Starting a Facebook page is a great first step. Using your personal Facebook page, you can add a business page for free and display your Avon estore website on it. You may invite your friends and family to “like” the page.

The purpose of starting an Avon Facebook Business page is so that others looking for Avon in your area can find you. Make sure that you fill out the business page details in full with your address, phone number, and website. I gained 3 new customers this week by them finding my business page on Facebook. 

Avon Social Media Tips 


Have you ever wanted to sponsor a makeup or skincare product online but couldn’t afford the expense of buying the product just to promote it? Lots of companies now will ask you to be an Influencer for their product.

They typically give you a small discount to purchase the products as well. This discount is normally never more than 10% off retail price. When you become an Avon Influencer, your $30 GLAM kit comes with free products to promote and a lifetime estore website for the duration of your business as an Avon Representative. 

Create a Local Google Business Listing

You don’t have to file business taxes to register your new Avon business for free on Google Business. Login into Google Business using your gmail email address and input your address, business name (mine is NICOLEMAE AVON) and Google will send you a postcard with a verification number in the mail to verify your address.

Log back into Google Business using your gmail email address and confirm the verification number on the postcard. When you complete that last step, you will now show up online when a customer is looking for an Avon Rep in your area. 

Use Old Avon Books

When you receive your Avon starter kit, you’ll also be receiving books. Even when those books expire, you can still use them as Avon’s main inventory of products simply doesn’t change. Sales deals change from campaign to campaign but overall, every Avon book is valuable….expired or not. 

Order Free Business Tools

Once you decide to sell Avon online as an Avon Representative, you begin to have access to your Avon back office where all of your orders in inputted. Avon has a specific section for ordering samples of lipstick, foundation, skin care creams, anti aging creams and best of all, free business tools. Utilize the free business tools to get set up with clear plastic bags, Avon order books for your friends who want to try selling Avon, and more. 

Free Email Management

Another great tool to sell Avon successfully is having a built in email database right into your Avon estore. Over the years, I’ve generated hundreds of emails into my Avon database. The beauty is that Avon sends your email subscribers deals directly linked to your Avon estore while you sleep, work, clean, study, or take care of the kids. The cost to start selling Avon at $30, comes with all of these benefits. No extra fees are included and there are no limits to how many emails you can add to your email subscriber list. 

How much is it to start selling Avon under $5?

Here are a few more tools you can use to get started selling Avon after you’ve purchased your Avon Starter Kit for $30.


For under $5, you can order clear plastic bags, 1- 12 pack lipstick sampler, 1-10 pack skincare sampler, and 1- 10 pack foundation sampler. Take advantage of the samples not only for your customers but for yourself so that you can experience the results of wearing Avon. Dollar General and Dollar Tree also have small plastic containers that fit dollop size samples of lotion into for $1.


Avon Reps get paid in multiple ways. However you choose to run your Avon business will dictate how you, as Avon representative gets paid. Avon reps get paid by in the following ways:

Online Orders

Direct Sales (in person)

Recruiting New Reps

Orders Made By New Recruits

Bonuses For New Recruits

Bonuses For Reaching Sales Goals

Free Products For Avon Influencer Program

Free Giveaways & Contests

Personal Commission Sales


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