New Business Helps Avon Business

My shocking way I sell Avon online successfully if you have or want to start another business. Hey there, this post will help both Avon Reps who currently sell Avon and those looking to get started as a new Avon Representative. 

A Word From Nicole Mae


Hello! Waving hysterically! I’m Nicole and I’ve been an Avon online Representative since 2016. I personally decided to focus my Avon business on growing a team. But there are plenty of other ways to be successful with Avon. I’ll be focusing on those who have another business or want to start one for the purpose of this post.


I accidentally learned how to sell Avon online successfully by starting ANOTHER business.

Sounds crazy right? Well let me first say that it wasn’t easy coming to this conclusion. A lot of late nights, online research, and soul searching led me to achieving some unexpected Avon goals.

My success with Avon, has come from me having a bigger passion, aka a SECOND business. I’ve loved web design and online marketing for a while so it has gone hand in hand with promoting my Avon business. 

Having a second business and how it helps you sell Avon. 

Just know that it really doesn’t matter what your second business is. Let’s say you’re in the childcare industry and decide to babysit on the side. Great beauty products are important to Mom’s who have everything or don’t and wish they did. 

When I bring up Avon with ANYONE I already know, if they have the extra income to spend, I get a sale.

If you don’t like the idea of traditional “selling”, don’t worry because you don’t have to try hard to do it anymore if you have a secondary talent or reason to start another business.

What does having another business have to do with Avon?

When you have another business, it automatically means that you’ve recognized you’re potential to earn an income on your own. You’ve also gotten the bug inside that wants to be the boss. Two great characteristics for success with Avon and any other business.

Business minded people are rare.

Boss moves require you to think costs, time management, profit, and what you’ll be doing to promote your business. Not everyone will think anywhere near the way that you think and you recognize that. It’s because you have a boss mentality. All I’m saying is, becoming an Avon rep will keep you looking and feeling fresh and ready for business.

Here’s a list of possible side businesses and/or professions that will put you in touch with potential clients, team members or direct sales. 

Lyft/Uber Drivers

Real Estate Agent 


Cosmetology Student 

Gym Rat/ Trainer (Avon Espira) 

ANY sales related profession 

Administrative Consultant/ Secretary


Grocery Delivery

Retail Worker 

Candle Maker 

Jewelry Maker

Etsy Shop owner 

Lifestyle Blogger 

Affiliate Publisher 



Bank Teller

Childcare Director 

Family Blogger 

Makeup Blogger 



 Errand Runner 

Virtual Assistant

My passion has been marketing and writing for the last 7 years. Merging a passion together to form a business is the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done…and the most rewarding. 

Thank you so much for checking out my list. Let me know what you think or if you’d like to add anything to it. Blogging can be a bit lonely when I see all of my readers but no one leaves their mark. As for becoming an Avon rep, you should go for it if you already have another business that puts you in contact with the community. 

You can reach me on Instagram here. Did everything make so much sense that you’re ready to start now? You can click here to get started and I’ll follow up with a corny welcome email ♥

8 Ways To Buy Avon Online w/ Me

  1. Text Gorgeous to 444999 for a text link to my estore
  2. Request an Avon Book by mail
  3. Use the Avon Book page turner
  4. Using the search bar
  5. Shop What’s New Avon
  6. Get inspired by How To Beauty Tips
  7. Shop Only Sales & Specials
  8. Shop Quick Picks All Under $5



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