How I Sell Online From My Bed

Sell Avon online from bed! Sounds weird but that’s why I love my Avon business. Find out more about me and how I do it. 

A Word From Nicole Mae


Hi and welcome to my little Avon corner! Just an update…I recently started a new business venture with blogging online. I’ve always loved to write which is why I enjoy blogging so much about my Avon. If you find joy in doing something, anything, no matter what it is…try and find a way to weave it into your passion. xoxo, Nicole

My bed and I featuring, Avon.

After 2 years of being an Avon rep, this is my “selling” weekly routine. 

I hate that “selling” word so much that I wrote about why I hate selling Avon a few weeks ago. I’d like to think it was a pretty good read so you can check it out here. 

After making dinner, doing some laundry, and going over homework with my 3rd grader, it’s time for her to get to bed. We say our prayers and I exhale. Any parent will understand how that exhale feels. Now it’s coffee and blogging time. 

With my coffee in hand, I either lay across the bed and catch up on some shows and start sharing posts to my pages. While I’m laying there, I come up with a great blog title idea and brainstorming something my readers will enjoy.

If the idea hits me, I get up and start blogging. If not, I typically fall asleep next to cold coffee and about 100 shares from Pinterest later. By the way, Pinterest has a great way to share your link really, really fast.

Let’s find out more on how to sell Avon only by not really selling.

So let’s get right into how you can become an Avon Representative in Campaign 5, 2019 and sell Avon online only! When you sign up for Avon, you actually get to choose how to run your business without telling a soul. I don’t like pushy people so this was a win-win for me.



How to work your Avon business and sell more Avon.

I post about the Avon products I love on Instagram, and throw in a few selfie photos and things going on in my life. From Instagram settings, those posts automatically copy over to Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. I currently have about 15K monthly viewers on Pinterest and the number is growing. All in all, it takes about 1-2 hours a week to start seeing results. 


What does it mean when I say “sell Avon online”?

Many women get nervous by the word “sell” in most of my posts. But really it just means to become an Avon rep online. You can choose to “sell” Avon on social media or go about running your Avon business in a different way. I wrote about the reasons I chose to focus my business on growing my Avon team and not “selling”. You can read about it here. 

What do you need to start a makeup business in 2019?

Starting out as an Avon Rep is a really good start. If I didn’t love Avon products so much, I wouldn’t be able to promote it. You will need a debit, credit, or money card with a Visa/MC logo & $25 for the 1st level Avon Starter Kit. Sell Avon online in 2019 (during Campaign 5) as an e-Representative and you can start making money by working 1-2 hours per week. 

A typical day in the life of a new Avon rep trying to get your Avon business going.

Sign into your Avon 2.0 app and poke around. If you have access to a desktop pc, sign in at and poke around there too. It can be overwhelming at first but there’s some great information there! Make sure to add your estore link to all of your social media pages. Create a Pinterest and Facebook account and start following your friends….many will follow you back. That’s the first step. 

It’s not for the unmotivated, but with perseverance, it’s the best side hustle. 


The second step for getting your Avon business going.

I once wrote a short list of things all new Avon reps should know. I think the list has 14 or so tips. You can check it out here. Now that you have your social media pages set, you can begin setting up your posts using the ‘Content Planner” section of your Avon Social tab. Let me just say, our Avon social is THE BEST for grabbing content to post on Instagram too when you’re out of ideas. It has quotes, video tutorials, family content, pet funnies and of course Avon news mentions.

The third and final step for getting your Avon first sale is to place your own order.

I know, I know, it sounds crazy and MLM’ish but it’s the only way you’re really going to know the quality of the products enough to show off your new looks. But that’s honestly not the main reason. In your first order, you’ll see the savings discount at the Avon checkout page. think that’s when every serious Avon rep gets HOOKED. 

Just a few of my fave lippies from Avon. 


How to make money with Avon without blogging?

It’s definitely doable! If you’ve got a great group of friends, start texting them your Avon brochure link. To find it, just go to your estore and type in brochures. Copy the link and there you have it. Turn your attention to Instagram and start sharing some pretty photos of yourself. Open up, be vulnerable, be real, be honest, and build trust with your followers. Comment back, like back, and don’t be one sided.

If you love beauty, skin care, and playing in lipsticks, you can’t earn money with Avon.

You’ll spend your earnings. Your $100 order may only cost you a few bucks but you won’t earn anything extra. But if you can be disciplined enough, it’s the cheapest way to have fun and get free demos, earn cash, and it gives you an excuse to post pretty selfies on Instagram.  Thank you so much for reading some of the ways I run my Avon business from home. I appreciate each and every one of my readers. If I had given up when I first started, I never would have known my potential. I can apply that to so much in my life. If you’re wondering about joining Avon, you can find me on Instagram here. Send me a DM and let me know you read my post by saying “I read your post girl” xoxo, Nicole 


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