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Give it a try and sell Avon online only as an Influencer and Avon Representative with the newest Avon Glam Kit.


It’s easier than you think to sell Avon online.

 You can choose to reserve your brochures for your friends and family. Better yet, you can attend local functions and do makeovers or hand out samples. Below is a screen shot of a few of the hundreds of samples Avon representatives have access to. If you consistently give your social media pages an insight into who you are, you’ll have success with Avon online. 

Sell Avon Online Only Samples Screenshot

Work from home, feed your beauty addictions.

You can post videos to both your Instagram stories or create a YouTube channel. Britny Whitney, a Gorgeous Avon Rep even goes live on Facebook with the kiddos to show how she gets dressed in the morning with all Avon products.

Sell AVON Online Only Glam Kit

Avon Samples make the world a better place.

 You can buy samples and use those to start creating videos. Even better, you can start right away using your free Avon Glam Kit. The Glam Kit actually has full size products. Choose which Glam Kit fits your lifestyle and use that to make your first video.

Avon Lipstick Samples

Can I sell Avon online only from my phone?

The Avon 2.0 app allows you to run your Avon business from your phone. You can check on your Rapid Pay deposits or add customer emails to your subscriber list. Avon 2.0 also has an integrated platform for you to watch videos and take classes on social media selling.

I use my app the most to find social media content to post when I’m feeling less than creative. I use Pinterest to share pages from my estore right from my phone.


Why not become an Avon Influencer?

I received an Avon Love at First Lash mascara and Lash Eye Serum during our product and Influencer launch back in February 2019. Both products together retail for $60.

Get recognized by Avon execs

 This is one of the reasons I love my Avon business so much. Two years in, I’m no longer tempted to buy beauty items from Target, Wal Mart, or Sephora. None of them pay me for supporting their brands. Which is why I’m loyal to my Avon favorites. Avon execs recognize Avon reps on social media. Most brands won’t. 

Below is a screen shot of savings on one big order.

You can reach me on Instagram here if you have any questions about joining Avon. Have a wonderful day!

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