Sell Avon online only with Gorgeous Avon Reps and make videos showing your Avon haul too!

A Word From Nicole Mae


Welcome to my Avon site! You like the purple? I wish it was real! 馃槈 If you’ve never visited before, I write posts every other week about how to sell Avon online only. I’ve been an Avon Representative since 2016. After about a year into it, I decided to build my Avon team of other brand ambassadors. This post will show some of the items purchased from Avon in April 2019, aka my birthday month. 馃槏 Enjoy and as always xoxo, Nicole.

Can I sell Avon online only and save money?

Yes! This is one of the reasons I love my Avon business so much. Two years in, I’m no longer tempted to buy beauty items from Target, Wal Mart, or Sephora. None of them pay me for supporting their brands. Which is why I’m loyal to my Avon favorites. Below is a screen shot of savings on one big order.




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