4 Qualities Needed To Sell Avon Online Only In Campaign 14

Sell Avon online only with success and you might as well throw a celebration party. OK, maybe not a party but it will definitely inspire you to keep going. Mom talk coming in 5,4,3,2……I tend to find inspiration in things that involve my daughter. Where does your inspiration come from? 

The 4 qualities you need to sell Avon online only in Campaign 14

1. Being a parent doesn’t hurt.

As a parent, we sacrifice so much for our kids to have the best shoes, clothes, educational tools, and extra activities. It’s no wonder that our own shoes, clothes, or activities become fewer and fewer.

So guess what? You’ll save and earn when you sell Avon online. Save what you might ask? Well let’s see…makeup, bath soaps, skin care for both adults and teens, accessories, intimate wear, summer and fall fashions, heels and wedges, and the list does really go on.

2. Entrepreneurial spirit. 

My personal quote for life is “If you haven’t stayed up all night brainstorming on a business idea, it’s not your passion.” Entrepreneurial minds enjoy bragging about how they’re “team no sleep”. Hate to say it, but they’re right. Give it a try with your Avon business after you sign up to sell Avon online.

Every year I bless my desk with a flip book of quotes. This year I gave it to my daughter. Needless to say she’s melting my heart each morning with a quote and a kiss.

3. Knowledge of Avon skin care with SPF, the sun is burning us alive this summer!

Fanning my face as I type this, it’s no doubt gonna be a hot summer. Refresh yourself about our Skinvincible line with SPF 50, and all of the Anew Day creams have SPF 25.

I decided to do a staycation this summer (we live in a tourist town) and we ended up at my fave hotel. You put a wet bar in the middle of a pool and it’ll be your fave too! Even with my fancy beach chairs, my Skinvincible kept my face from burning the entire day.

4. Organization.

When I started with Avon, I was the unorganized Mom. Google Calendar what? I didn’t use it, and somehow I thought I was a human walking notepad. Other Mom’s would take out their phones or planners and make notes all around me. I’m not sure how much of an idiot I looked like when I was late or unprepared for the next kids event…and they were prepared and ready to go.

Avon helped me get organized. My advice is to organize the following:  samples, the Avon books, VIP customer addresses, notes about customers, and write your personal sales goals. That last one, it really helps.

Campaign 14, 2019


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