Selling Avon Online Plus 5 Questions You’re Afraid To Ask A Rep

Selling Avon in Campaign 13. I’ll also reveal 5 questions you may be afraid to ask an Avon Rep, and the most exciting finds from Campaign 13, 2019.



(Avon Static Brochure Campaign 13, 2019)

 In this post, I’ll reveal 5 questions that people are afraid to ask an Avon Representative. You can scroll to the end of the post to buy my favorite Avon products from Campaign 13. 

5 Questions You’re Afraid To Ask An Avon Rep

1. May I have an Avon free sample only? I’m not ready to buy anything.

This question is understandable but many are afraid to ask it. I love giving out free samples with no strings attached. The truth is in the sample because I already know what people will love and come to purchase.

Below is a screenshot of our sample costs. We can afford to part with these, no worries!

Sell Avon Online Only Samples Screenshot

2. Isn’t Avon for older women?

I admit, this one stings a little. Not sure if it’s because I’m in my 40’s or if I love my Avon too much. Just the other day I had to go to bat for my company and defend some myths.

Don’t be afraid to ask this one though. All Avon Reps can provide stunning evidence against it…with ease. But we can’t forget the “older” women who dedicated their lives to Avon beauty and entrepreneurship. 


3. Are there young Avon reps because I don’t see any? 

Avon is just as old a company as Loreal or Maybelline, over 150 years old. To think that younger women don’t use or sell Avon is like saying where are the young women who use Clinique? We’re everywhere.

4. Mary Kay made me break out, do people say that about Avon stuff?

After 2 years of trying and buying all things Avon, only one product produced a pimple. Other than that, I have no personal complaints at all. Everyone has a different skin profile. We are trained skin experts and can address any needs involving sensitive skin. 

Just so you know, you can take an Avon skin quiz to find the best Avon products for your skin before buying. Take the quiz on a lunch break or from your bed and see your results. Matter of fact, I try to work my business from my bed a lot.


5. Can I just buy 1 thing from you without having to be on your email list? 

Anyone can choose to receive a digital text of the Avon campaign instead. Personally, I like getting emails from people I actually know.

Below is a screenshot showing how the digital text brochure looks. When you receive an Avon email, don’t think of it as spam, it’s more like “Hey, Nicole’s emailing me!” 

img_3620-1 That’s my list of 5 questions you may be afraid to ask an Avon Representative! Maybe you have more! If so, don’t be afraid to ask. You can reach me on Instagram here.

Go Viral as an Avon Rep on Instagram

You don’t have to have an Instagram page to become an Avon Representative. If you have a loyal following on FB, you can generate interest right there…without the ‘gram.

You’re still permitted to use Avon car decals, have business cards, start a blog, and/or start another business. I wrote about some alternate businesses that were great for selling Avon online successfully.

Thank you for taking the time to read about joining Avon. You can reach me on Instagram if you have any questions about how much you can earn when you sell Avon online only in Campaign 13 as an E-rep. 

Must Have Summer Finds From Avon Campaign 13

(Locals receive free drop off)

1024x690-green AVON BUG GUARD W/SPF



3 glitzy glitter looks (2)

8 Ways To Buy Avon Online w/ Me

  1. Text Gorgeous to 444999 for a text link to my estore
  2. Request an Avon Book by mail
  3. Use the Avon Book page turner
  4. Using the search bar
  5. Shop What’s New Avon
  6. Get inspired by How To Beauty Tips
  7. Shop Only Sales & Specials
  8. Shop Quick Picks All Under $5


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