4 Ways To Get More Avon Customers Online Before You Quit Avon

Want to get more Avon customers online? Are you frustrated with your Avon Business? I’ve been there. Don’t quit Avon just yet.

Here are 4 very practical ways to revive your Avon business before you quit altogether.

Make your current customers VIP.

If you have a couple of current customers, treat them like royalty. Send thank you cards, find out their birthdays, send free samples, holiday cards, and updated brochures.

Customer retention is something all business owners have to consider. From happy customers, you’ll get more orders submitted and they tell their friends how awesome you are.

Create a Facebook page for your customers.

We’ve all gotten group notifications from Facebook. When you’re part of a group, it’s the default setting. Try posting coupon codes, post your favorite products from the current campaign, post videos of you opening your Avon deliveries, and share Avon social posts. A selfie light for your phone is almost necessary to capture stunning images.

All of these things put your Avon business in front of your most loyal customers.

Use Facebook Marketplace!

The selling place on Facebook is a must have for local sales!

Just remember that you don’t have the gas to drive to everyone so be careful what you offer on Facebook. Many Avon reps, myself included, have had success with selling gift baskets through the Facebook Marketplace.

If you time it just right, holidays like Mother’s Day and Christmas are a great time to make money. Have fun with it and set your gift basket at a price you choose, take a beautiful picture of 2-3 different varieties, and place the baskets outside in nature for the photo.

Use a photo app like Phonto or PicCollage to list what’s in the gift basket.

Befriend someone who has a business and sit at an event with them.

If you’re thinking of quitting Avon, you probably haven’t done an event yet. You can get more Avon customers online by doing events easy! I know this because events help you remember how many people love Avon.

By sitting at an event, you’ll get inspired by the overwhelming interest in Avon products, especially in the summertime

Order some samples and give them out in exchange for email and phone number. Of course, add those emails to your Avon subscriber list. It’s worth the wait, but be patient, and wait for new orders/customers to come in! An acrylic brochure holder will be a small but effective way to let passersby know who you’re representing. 

Go ahead and text them the digital Avon brochure to shop from. Be easy, not forceful. Be a friend, not a sales person.

(If you don’t know anyone who has a business, go to an event in the park and connect with someone there. You can ask them how they got their booth set up and you can host your own event!)

How to get more Avon customers online

Work hard and work smart! These are tips that require some work and dedication. But they’re all very easy to do. The first tip has been my go-to when I need to revive sales. Facebook has always been a great way to gain exposure.

Think about the last time you used the Facebook search option. I used it just the other day to look for snow cone places near me. (it’s gonna be a hot summer!) Potential customers use it to find Avon Reps too.

There’s also one special thing that Facebook does. It tracks your location. Summer vacationers (with the kiddos) are searching Facebook for local Avon reps when they’re out of town having fun in the sun.

More tips for jacking up those Avon sales.

If you’re not into making live videos, or social media, these are perfect ways to get more Avon customers online.

Just in case you’re like me and need more inspiration, lots of Avon Reps have some really cool tips for reviving their business.

Be careful with samples. Use them wisely.

There was a time when I gave out free samples to any and everyone and did not get their information in return. Something in me thought “Hey they’re gonna love it and call me back.” Boy was I completely wrong! 

Not only should you ask for their email and phone number, but also ask for a referral of one friend who would be interested in getting a sample. This way, 2 lipstick bullets generates 2 leads for you. 

Host a fundraiser.

Fundraisers are fun ways to revive your Avon business without having to really sell. You’ll be collecting funds for charity that also contribute to your sales. There’s lots of information on Avon fundraising in your back office.


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