Avon Selling Tips And 10 Ways To Get Repeat Sales With Avon

I’m going to share 10 Avon selling tips to get repeat sales. But first I need to share something personal.

Everyone loves Amazon right? Well it took me a few years to catch on. At first I didn’t understand the hype. “So you mean to tell me I’m paying Amazon for free shipping? That’s not free shipping then!”

Now that I am a loyal Amazon buyer, I finally get it. I can order whatever I need and want and get it within 2 days. I’m paying for that! We all are! And we love it!

How does this relate to Avon repeat customers?

I remember receiving my packages every single time within 2 days. It was and is pretty straightforward and dependable.

When you’ve worked hard to get Avon customers, think of yourself like Amazon. Be dependable, be straightforward, make it easy to buy again, and be consistent.

The one thing Amazon doesn’t really show me is appreciation. I don’t seem to care though because I love the service.

But as a business owner, you can offer something that big name brands cannot. Out of all the Avon selling tips I’ve shared and read, these have been the most difficult to adhere to. Ironically they’re also a few of the most important.

10 Tips To Get Repeat Sales With Avon

(Especially when you’re starting out)

Always send a thank you card or samples.

Don’t let them order something they won’t like.

Never assume they don’t need an order placed.

Acknowledge their birthdays & special holidays.

Be consistent in every way.

Know their preferred method of contact and stick by it.

Send them a video at least once.

Ask them to follow your Avon Facebook page.

Use Avon Social religiously.

If they place more than 3 orders in a 3 month period, share the Avon Rep benefits!

After all, the best Avon reps genuinely love Avon products and answering questions about them. We buy them, we use them, and we’re loyal to them.

My goal is always to convert a loyal customer into an Avon Representative, if she chooses. She will buy, share, and fall in love with her savings even more.


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