July 7, 2020

Avon Campaign 15 Online Brochure


Sell Avon online only with lip tattoo and more ways to get Avon customers online.

Sell Avon online starting in Campaign 15. A peek into our newly termed “Avon Book”. Campaign 15 marks the precious Semi-Annual sale with up to 65% off. With so many new products emerging in the next few Avon books, this is the perfect way to stock up.

Avon Book Campaign 15

How do I sell Avon online and quit my job?

I wouldn’t recommend quitting your day/night job now…but I was able to work only part time. My suggestion? Stock up on the Annual sale to have the items you need for holiday gift baskets. Every Avon Rep should know these tips after a year of selling Avon online.

Is it possible to attract younger women with today’s Avon products?

Absolutely! Not only younger women, but younger men as well. The older generation has staple Avon products that they’re loyal to. Just this month, Avon launched the 2-1 Avon lip tattoo. Lip tattoos? That instantly feels younger.

The different types of Avon customers: Broken Down

Returning, new, and not sure’s. Returning customers love everything about Avon. It’s our job as Avon Reps to inspire them to try something new. You better believe we have the same goal with new customers. And lastly, the “not sure’s”. Indecisive customers are my favorite. Opt to send them a sample in exchange for a friend’s referral email address. Follow up with these customers and try sending them a product you know they’ll love along with the link to the product reviews within your estore.

How to get more Avon customers for your business?

Send out a survey to all of your subscribers and make the questionnaire very simple.

Which Avon product would you try if you were handed one of each?

Foundation Lipstick/Gloss


Weight Management Vitamins

Plus Fashions


Based on your answers, let’s say I chose lipstick. You would then make the note and text me your lipstick link from your estore.

In your estore front page, head over to Categories, then makeup, and without selecting anything, you’ll see the makeup category and lipstick category immediately after.

Avon 2-in-1 Lip Tattoo , Lip- Line, & Fill Duo launching in Campaign 16 but available to current Avon Reps early as usual!

Perks like these are one of the reasons I sell Avon to anyone I meet. Many direct sales companies don’t have much to offer their sales reps.  I’ve found that with Avon, the upper execs truly love to reward successes of all sizes and help you achieve your business goals.

This super smooth, bold color,highly pigmented,non-drying lip stain that stays all day. Available in 6 different shades.

I love my Avon business.

I’d rather sell Avon as an Avon Representative than buy Avon online. It sounds strange but it’s true. One day I sat down and thought about all of the reasons why I’d rather sell Avon than buy it. See if you agree. 

Would you like more tips for selling Avon successfully? Text Gorgeous to 444999 to sign up for my selling tips blog. You can also reach me on Instagram. Oh and don’t forget to check out my special project, “Gorgeous Avon Reps“. 

8 Ways To Buy Avon Online w/ Me

  1. Text Gorgeous to 444999 for a text link to my estore
  2. Request an Avon Book by mail
  3. Use the Avon Book page turner
  4. Using the search bar
  5. Shop What’s New Avon
  6. Get inspired by How To Beauty Tips
  7. Shop Only Sales & Specials
  8. Shop Quick Picks All Under $5

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