How To Sell Avon Online Only When You’re A Shy Avon Newbie

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If you’re a parent and want some tips on how we sell Avon only both online and face to face, check out these behind the scenes quick tips. Whether or not you’re a Mom/Parent, you can relate to being scared to approach some people. A universal truth we can ALL relate to is the need for a few hundred more dollars a month. It matters not what it’s used for, right?

Women, Moms, people start selling Avon online to get those few hundred extra dollars. Some of them create hundred thousand dollar businesses for themselves. Others struggle to make one sale in a campaign.

We’ve read the tips given by successful Avon Reps and many of you have done just that with no success. In an effort to reveal some of the tips you haven’t heard, I’ll list my personal Avon selling tips and you may be surprised at how easy some of them are.

TIP #1 



When you’re shy, you have to make a conscious effort to smile. Smiling instantly puts others at ease and makes you appear less “salesy”. Smiling invites the other person into your world because we naturally want to be around happy people.

In the realm of recruiting, you better believe women always want another reason to smile. And starting an Avon business with the happy Avon Rep turns into a goal. 

TIP #2


Collect addresses from people who subscribe to your email list.

I have about 200 subscribers to my email list but only a small portion of them have addresses listed. When orders aren’t coming in, it’s really inexpensive to grab a pack of $1 store blank cards ( & a few stamps) and send them to your silent subscribers.

You can add a lipstick sample or just say hello. It’s a nice reminder to know that there’s a real person attached to those Avon generated emails.

TIP #3


Use the kids! (for good, not evil) 

Kids-Business-750x412.jpg I remember wanting to pass out a few brochures at a laundromat one day. My daughter Bells was with me and we staked out in the car for a few minutes getting the business cards stapled to the brochures. I saw there were Moms inside with their friends and children. My bright idea was to have my daughter hand out some brochures for me. It was a success! Everyone was so happy that when I walked inside after her, I was able to strike up some conversations and get some phone numbers from the experience.

TIP #4


Make cold calls. 

Ok, I can imagine this one feels out of the question for most shy Avon Reps. On the contrary, it’s probably the easiest and you can imagine why. Making a few calls to small businesses in the area will help build up your resistance to rejection. I suggest choosing small businesses with one office manager.

TIP #5

fb stories
Here is a screenshot of what it looks like when I share a popular video from my estore to FB stories.


Share pages of your Avon estore to your FB stories. 

Many of us keep our business separate from our personal FB page, other than listing our estore in our profile. One of the ways I’ve seen Avon reps earn over $1K in less than 2 weeks is by sharing pages from their estore to FB stories. FB stories are quick video snippets that don’t necessarily show up on your news feed aka timeline. The only time they’re seen is by people scrolling the stories specifically. You can also choose to make your stories public but still keep your actual FB page private. It’s a win-win. As you can see, just clicking on the video will connect the viewer to my estore. As always, I hope I was able to shed a little light on growing your Avon business. Most of all, don’t give up!

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