Avon Campaign 2 2017 Essential Dress Up Pieces

Avon Campaign 2 2017 is featured below with Mark, Outlet, and extra featured inserts.


This blog pictures Avon’s online brochure for Campaign 2 2017. You’ll also find the additional brochures special to this campaign. Later in the post, I talk a little about selling Avon online starting in this or any campaign. Keep reading to see a preview of a previous Avon order I placed with the savings shown. 
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Sell Avon Online Campaign 2 2017

Avon Campaign 2 2017 Static Brochure

Avon Campaign 2 2017 Meet Mark

Avon Campaign 2 2017 Outlet

Avon Campaign 2 2017 A New You

When I first ordered my Avon selling kit back in 2016, I was only looking for a cheap way to have access to makeup and skin care. Little did I know how I’d benefit from my Avon business. For many different reasons, companies like Avon provide an inexpensive alternative to starting your own business.

Today, the startup costs for Avon are a little more than when I began ($30) but compared to any other business, you won’t find a startup that low. There’s absolutely nothing to lose when the startup also comes with a free glam kit and free tools for getting round the clock sales driven to your personal Avon website. 

After years of ordering everything from Sephora or M.A.C. I knew as a Mom that I no longer wanted to spend that kind of money on myself when I had an alternative. And I haven’t looked back.

Today, I’ve sold thousands of Avon products and created countless blogs about selling Avon successfully. I hope that if you’re reading this and you’ve always wanted to start a business for yourself, that you consider Avon. You won’t be disappointed.

Can’t wait to sign up? I completely understand!

If you’re shy, I gotcha covered. Shy women sell Avon successfully too.


My Avon Savings One Month

Placing your personal Avon orders is something I look forward to. Just this evening, I stopped by my Mom’s place to say hi with my daughter. A few weeks ago, I had given her a lipstick sample that she fell in love with. (Nude Truffle Nourishing Lipstick) She kinda likes the no makeup look.

I sat my keys down next to the door and saw the empty lipstick sample sitting there. I said “Mom, is this the lipstick you wanted me to order for you?” Of which she replied, “Yes, please! I didn’t want to lose the name of it!” I smiled and opened up my app to add it to my order.

It felt good to bring the little things that make us feel beautiful into my Mom’s life and others just by selling Avon online. I understand as a Mom how hard it is to juggle it all. Looking and feeling beautiful should be much easier than society tells us. Avon makes it easy. 

42EF6134-FF6B-4C1F-AA9F-7DDF49A29B38  FUN FACT

Statistics show that in the coming years, more than 50% of the population will be working remotely from home. Avon is a way to save on what you purchase already and accumulate a second income right now.


Previous Avon Campaigns This Year


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