How To Build An Avon Team In 7 Days With Samples

How to build an Avon team in 7 days using Avon samples, Instagram, and YouTube.

Copy of live well, sell avon online (1) Team building with Avon can be done several different ways but it can also take a long time to do.

Now that Avon has “gone digital” and encouraged online brochure shopping experiences, the methods we use to build teams have expanded.

These methods may or may not work for you. As an Avon blogger, I’ve come up with countless ways to market my Avon business like many of you.

And also like you, I know how it feels to be both excited and discouraged when I can’t seem to meet my personal Avon selling goals.

After some long thought and a bit of research, this particular post will shift the way you see your Avon business. Hopefully, you can try these digital marketing techniques and find success like I did.

How To Build An Avon Team In 7 Days

Social Media Beginners: First, I’d heavily consider completing the social selling sections inside of Avon U. There are some gems of info there that explain all about how this digital selling thing works.

Social Media Intermediates & Experts:

If you’re in this category, you’ve been on social media, posted, searched and watched YouTube videos of other Bloggers or make up tutorials.

Needless to say you’ve probably gotten a good idea how to find what you’re looking for online and on YouTube. Tip: use the #vlogger tag on Instagram to find out who’s new in the vlog world. You may even find vloggers who want to jump on board and sell Avon online through their channel.

The new vlogger below only has 393 subscribers. She’s definitely building her channel and could benefit from free samples and new blog ideas.

vyt vlogger 3

Your Outreach Statement

Days 1-2

This is the statement you’ll use when you reach out to new makeup bloggers on YouTube.

The first 2 days are going to be outreach only.

vlogger is somebody who creates and uploads a video blog. Look at the top of the photo below. Vloggers on Instagram have over 4 million posts.

I went a step further and even “new bloggers” have a large presence. What does your Instagram page look like? Does it reflect who you are as a person? If so, reach out to those you have something in common with and present the opportunity to get free samples.

Outreach means that you’ll be contacting new makeup and skin care bloggers and asking them to review your Avon products in exchange for free samples.


The blogger agrees to mention you in the beginning and end of the video by your Instagram handle so that others watching can shop Avon online with your estore. If by any chance, she’s interested in becoming an Avon rep, Ambassador/Influencer, even better.

But most won’t commit to that without trying the product. A new Blogger wants traffic to their social media pages.

Mention to her/him that you will upload their photos to the Avon corporate website for free. You also want to spotlight them on your blog or page as well. You may also want to mention the Gorgeous Avon Reps  website & Instagram page if they seem interested in becoming an Avon Rep.

Get to know your vlogger (video blogger) and find out what she likes before sending samples.

The vlogger below would be perfect to reach out to since she has a new channel with only 36 subscribers. 

avon recruiting.png

Waiting, Replying & Shipping

Days 2-3

During days 2-3 you want to reply and ship as many samples as you can and wait for them to receive it.

Keep in mind that the hang out spot for other ladies who are thinking about starting a channel is in the comments of the biggest YouTube beauty stars.

Try to leave public comments on the videos of the vloggers you reach out to so that other vloggers can see your comments as well.

Make sure to send your samples in a visually beautiful and professional package. The more professional the better.

You may incur some questions  when reaching out to bloggers, but here’s a helpful tip for your Avon marketing answers to those questions.

The Video Promo

Days 3-7

We all have a life outside of social media. You may have to wait until your vlogger has a chance to create your video once she has the samples.

Until then, make sure she has the contact method you prefer. For me, it’s Instagram.

There are thousands of makeup and beauty YouTubers and more are popping up everyday. Many only have 1-2 videos that have gone viral with almost a million views.

Youtubers are looking to gain a following and an income from their video talents. But many of them have to spend money in order to purchase products that can be used in their tutorial videos.

By providing free samples in exchange for what we call a “shoutout”, you both serve a need.

In the last days of your 7 day build strategy, you should have some very promising leads and at least 2-3 people who are ready to sign and interested in joining your Avon team. As the days and months proceed, continue the pattern of reaching out and leaving comments for new vloggers on You Tube.

Avon Bloggers Building An Avon Team

As an Avon blogger, create a blog detailing the benefits of networking with you in order to build your Avon team. Use the Canva app to also create a Pinterest graphic “seeking vloggers for free samples” or something along those lines.

Share your blog post with your new Canva Pinterest graphic. I created a graphic for this post as well.

Copy of live well, sell avon online (1)

I love how I can check the stats of my Pinterest post because I converted my account into a business one. Pinterest will tell you how many people have clicked on your graphic, saved it, and/or shared it.

If you have any questions or comments about your experience or if you have some Avon success tips as a You tuber or Avon Representative, comment below or you can reach me on Instagram @nicolemaeavon.


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