July 14, 2020

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Avon Lip Tattoo Covered My Dark Spots

Launched in Campaign 15, Avon Lip Tattoo covered my dark spots and stayed on for hours longer than traditional lipstick.

Avon Campaign 16 2019 is all about bold, pretty long lasting lips. In this post, I’ll show you my pros and cons of the newest Avon Lip Tattoo.


Campaign 16 marks the launch of our New 2-in-1 Lip Tattoo Liner & Fill Duo


Avon Campaign 16 Highlights – Buy New Launches from Avon

Reasons I love this lippie by Avon:

  1. It helps me save time in the morning and still look like I’ve lined my lips to perfection. 
  2. I work with the public and having my lipstick stay on all shift is priceless.
  3. It doesn’t dry my lips like other lip stains have done in the past.
  4. It’s available in 6 irresistible shades and I couldn’t pick just one!
  5. NO smudging, budging, or feathering
  6. Infused with sunflower seed oil to help hydrate my lips
  7. Paraben, gluten, and sulfate free
  8. Vegan Lipstick
  9. Deep saturated colors
  10. Can layer and mix with gloss or Avon Nourishing Lippie


When demoing this lippie online, look for #boldlipboldlife, #liptattoo, #staysallday, #beautylover

The lip tattoo is perfect for the person who wants long lasting color, weightless color, portability and ease of application, lip liner that matches all shades, and flawless lip finish. 

My 1st Time Trying Avon Lip Tattoo (2-in-1 Lip Liner & Fill Duo)

Avon Lip Tattoo Liner Application OnlyAvon Lip Tattoo After

Until this launch, I was stuck on Avon Perfectly Matte lipstick. You know how when you find your favorite thing, it’s hard to let go of? But as an Avon Rep, we have so many new things launching that I was excited to get into this new lip!

I’ve always had darker lips and wearing glosses was always a challenge finding one that covered my imperfections.

As I got older, I realized that I wasn’t worried about those silly little things anymore. Even still…I couldn’t let my full coverage lipsticks go. And this one hits home with checking the full coverage box.

Below is my crooked lip liner job and Rebel Raspberry Lip Tattoo.

Lip Liner & Stain Dupe

In comparison, I found other lip liner tattoos and stains but none that had the 2-in-1 combo that the Avon Duo offers. It’s gonna be pretty hard to beat 6 shades of sexy each with a lip liner attached. Here are the results for lip tattoo and liner online. All are over $20 without a liner attached. On sale, Avon Lip Tattoo Liner & Fill Duo is less than $10.

My Final Thoughts On Avon Lip Tattoo Line & Fill Duo

I’m all about my reds. Although this sexy hot red (Rebel Raspberry) is definitely evening wear. All in all though, I love it! Maybe the Inked Rose or Pinup Plum would have been better for wearing to work during the day.

I can tell that I’ll need to make sure I always keep the cap on this tube otherwise it may dry out very quickly.


Do not apply more than one layer of the lip fill otherwise it will be very sticky! 

Also, if your lips are naturally cracked or dry, the lip tattoo won’t stay on all day. Try the Vitamin C lip Moisturizer to prime your lips for any stain to fully last for hours.

I recommend using the Vitamin C hydrating treatment before applying the Lip Tattoo Duo.

A little shopping tip, the color swatch line around the Liner tube matches the color application perfectly. 

Would you like to try a new lip stain and review it with me?


For a free or discounted makeup to review, you can reach me on Instagram @nicolemaeavon. Not all new launches are available for free but many of our past launch products are. Some of the free samples I’m able to ship are as follows:


Skin Care

Skin Serum

Body Fragrance


Eye shadow (it may be a powder sample and not the quad)

Avon Selling Tips For Campaign 16

(Retrieved from Avon U)

Head to the bookstore or the library and get your hands on a new fashion and style magazine (such as Allure, Glamour, New Beauty, InStyle).

Study the products highlighted in the magazine and consider which of our Avon products you might recommend as a superior substitute.

Try Watching An Avon Video

On the official YouTube Channel for Avon USA, you’ll find videos highlighting the newest Avon products, as well as beauty tutorials and even information on how to become an Avon Representative. Access the You Tube channel for Avon and soak up some application tips and techniques as well.


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