Avon Campaign 17 Outlet Dress With Zest

Avon Campaign 17 2019 Outlet promos and special deals plus why I love Avon Outlet brochures so much.

What are Avon Outlet brochures?

Last chance buys from the most popular Avon products sold. They’re typically always more than 60% off while supplies last.

Much like an outlet store on the outskirts of town, outlet malls have the best deals from high tag brand names.

Every campaign for Avon creates an “Outlet” brochure with the same type of unheard of deals. 

What I like about Avon Outlet brochures

The typical main brochure for Campaign 17 costs around $5 per every 10 books. But the Outlet brochures come with every order you place for free.

This means that you’ll never have to order brochures when you’re selling Avon through your estore online.

Each and every online order will have a main brochure and at least 5-10 Outlet.

Avon Outlet Campaign 17 Sneak Peek

Below you’ll get an idea of how low the Outlet prices can often times get. In the top far right of the screenshot, Purple booties are on sale for $29.99, blacked out sexy cat eye sunglasses are $9.99.

An envelope belt bag with a magnetic snap closure is also lovely and trending at $12.99.

Many of these deals are limited supply only and cannot be viewed from the normal estore.

No worries though, they can be accessed through the Outlet brochure virtual pages simply by clicking the item on the page with your finger or mouse.


Another page from the outlet brochure shows everything on the page you need for a sexy summer transition into spring.


Avon Outlet Brochures Will Help You Earn With Avon

If you’re looking for a way to grow your Avon business both online and in person, place at least one personal order per month.

In that order, save your free Outlet brochures for your business. 

One more thing, Outlet brochures also last for more than 1 campaign but you have to put your orders in fast before the products run out!


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