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Sell Avon online only during Campaign 21 and get some street cred. The newest trend working for ladies is anti-pollution serums.

Avon Campaign 21 Spotlight

Everything Anew Anti-Pollution (#’s 1-3)

Buy Avon Anti Pollution Serum

Ways to easily make money selling Avon.

  • If you’re a fashion blogger, share your Avon links.
  • If you’re a beauty blogger, share your Avon unboxing.
  • Single Mom? Show the essentials you need to get ready quickly.
  • Married Mom? Show how you budget your beauty tools with Avon.
  • Have a lot of Facebook friends? Share Avon links to your stories.
  • Have a lot of family members? Send them Avon Books in the mail.
  • Work in an office setting, keep Avon products on your desk for convo starters.
  • Involved with the kids’ school? Host a fundraiser (it’s really easy)
  • Eat out a lot? Share your cards or lippie samples with waitresses.
  • Live in a large apartment complex? Post flyers on community board.


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