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Sell Avon online only + learn about how to get free beauty samples by mail, find out which free samples people love the most + what’s hot and trending in Avon Campaign 22.
Anew lush moisturizers, radiant matte lipstick, nourishing smooth lipstick, golden bronzing true color foundation, or extreme moisture skin creams, lash serums, popular perfume, face protector/primer, nail colors, Chi hair care & hair moisture products and too many more to name.

To Skip Right To Samples,

Text SAMPLE to (202) 410-4202

Read on for alternate ways to receive free samples.

First Way To Get Free Avon Samples

One of the most fun ways Avon Reps get free samples and new products are at the yearly Avon Rep Fest, aka Avon-Con.
This event was one I couldn’t wait to finally attend. I’m 2019, I attended my first Avon Rep Fest in New Orleans and returned home with hundreds of dollars in free Avon products.
You might be thinking, well Nicole you had to pay for the trip. Kinda but not really. There are several ways you can attend the fest without paying much at all. You can contact me for more info on that or I may post a blog about it.

Second Way To Get Free Avon Samples

You won’t find many articles or pictures showing what our Avon back office looks like online when it comes to samples. This is because it’s a gold mine so to speak.
My favorite of these is our Avon Matte Lipstick 10 bullet sample that costs us $1.50.
I never have to pay for this when I’ve earned at least $1.50 in commission. If I sell one full size lipstick at $4.99, I’ve pretty much earned half of that.
Therefore my 10 bullet sample pack becomes free. This is my second favorite way to get free makeup and lipstick samples.

Get Free Samples By Joining My Mailing List

This year, I was inspired and wanted to take my Avon business to the next level and beyond. Oftentimes we feel stuck in our small business ideas and need some inspiration to keep at it. My next move was to create a mail out list and start using a company to send brochures to my customers.
Fortunately for me, not only do they send brochures but many include free samples.
By joining my mailing list, you’ll not only receive the latest Avon Brochure, but enjoy a sneak peek try at our most popular and best selling Avon products.

How To Increase Avon Sales Using Samples


Create A Facebook Swap To Increase Avon Sales

Connect with other direct sales professionals and swap free samples this way. I received a free sample of a Jamberry nail set and gave out lipstick samples in my most recent swap.
AVON’s e-rep mobile app (Avon 2.0) is a fully functioning discount machine. In addition to the sample perks, AVON REPS receive first notification on ALL clearance and last chance items up to 80% off.

Host a Sample Give-a-way in exchange for email & FB likes. 

Garage Sale Swap

Like visiting garage sales? Try bringing some Avon samples with you to barter with. You’ll gain a new customer and grab a deal.

The hottest samples from Avon Campaign 22

Avon Ultimate Dual Elixir

Rare Gold Eau de Parfum

Avon Magix Face Protector (Primer)

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick

In Avon Brochure Campaign 22, when you make a purchase or you like Nicole Mae FB page and subscribe, you’ll receive one of the samples listed here. Make sure to Text GORGEOUS to 444999 to subscribe.

Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir

Retail $50 prod_1201135_xl_2.jpg


Rare Gold Eau de Parfum

Retail $25.00 prod_1184282_xl_2.jpg


Avon Magix Face Protector w/ Spf (Primer)

Retail $14.00

Avon True Color Matte Lipstick

Retail $10

Nice lipstick in a black tube

When to expect your free AVON product samples

(Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your free makeup samples.) I can currently only send free samples to customers and/or anyone who likes the FB page & subscribes to my notifications. (FB PAGE)

Text SAMPLE to (202) 410-4202


Hi I’m Nicole! I’ve been an Avon Representative since 2016 and I’ve loved every minute of it. 


By becoming an AVON REP in the U.S. you won’t sell to anyone overseas. Use Campaign Mailer to send Avon books Nationwide. If you choose to use your account for personal purchases, you’ll save and earn commission as well.
So many direct sales opportunities are filled with hidden secrets, pricing, fees, and confusing commission.
But you can literally run this business with the baby on your hip and a stroller in the trunk.

How to get my Avon discount if I’m an Avon Rep?

Example of an order w/ commission adjusted. 
The above photo shows my selected order but if this was another customer, your commission would be $50 + Avon’s High 5 online bonuses. Plus this also counts towards reward sales for incentives and getaway trips.
When placing your own personal order, add sample packs to start sharing with close friends + family. For example, lipstick 10 bullet packs are only $1.50.
How To Make Your Own Avon Samples
Purchase a set of lip balms or lipsticks and using a small spatula wand, add a dab intro these tiny containers. Mail to your customers as is or use as a giveaway when you’re sitting at a product show.
Make sure to have your customers sign up with email, phone number + address in exchange for the sample.
Add your customer emails to your Avon subscriber list.
And add your customer address to your Avon Campaign Mailer list so that you can ship them free books.
I recommend holiday product shows like 4th of July or parades where a lot of families for out.

The worst feeling is buying a lipstick only to get it home and the color swatch on your hand is nothing like the way it looks on your lips.


If you ask for free samples, be patient.
It takes time to ship free samples when it’s coming from an independent dealer. Avon beauty reps who don’t have an assistant want to know that you’re interested in buying the best Avon products before they give out free makeup samples. Be sure to reward your sender with information on how to connect with you. (Name, email, addy)

Do bloggers send free makeup samples?


Many beauty bloggers do send free samples to subscribers when they are active subscribers. Any independent beauty contractor will be open to sending samples as well. Until you find your favorites, beauty consultants for AVON, Mary Kay, Posh, Rodan & Fields, Young Living, Jamberry Nails, Lipsense and many more are very open to sending samples.

Place an order and get free beauty samples with these companies…

The following companies will send free makeup and skincare samples just by placing an order. It’s a good idea to create a separate email address just to register yourself.

Know Where To Find Free Products

If you haven’t shopped from an Avon store yet, there are so many things you can find within my estore. By searching Featured Promotions, you’ll always find the latest sweepstakes.

And yes, this monthly giveaway is open to Avon Representatives as well.


Leave a Review.

Some companies will ship free makeup samples after you leave a product review. I noticed that IPSY allows you to accumulate points for every beauty product review. After so many points, you’re able to grab a free beauty product!
You can get an IPSY account using this referral link.  If you review every IPSY glam bag you receive, your points add up quickly.
In Campaign 22, when you make a purchase or subscribe by texting GORGEOUS to 444999 & like my FB page, you’ll receive one of the samples listed above under the Campaign 22 Avon brochure cover.

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