7 Facts About Your Avon Contact List

In this post, I’ll help you read your AVON Contact list and make sense of it all. Keep reading to learn how you can use your contact list to get more sales with Avon.

Where is the Avon contact list?

From your phone, navigate to your Avon Now app. Click the top left corner. Select My Office, Web Office, and lastly Address Book.


Reading The Avon Contact List

Besides the total number of subscribers here, my two favorite columns are the Subscribed & Name columns.

Subscribed ✓ is the total # of contacts added who receive Avon emails on your behalf.

The small grey “e” signifies subscribers who added themselves if they requested

product emails & promotions.


Adding Customers To Your Avon Contacts

Seems simple enough right? If you enter a customer’s email address that is not valid, Avon will not allow you to save it.

In addition, you must have the first and last name fields completed before the contract saves. If you can’t get the last name for any reason, I like to use “Avon Customer” as the last name. At least until I’m able to retrieve the updated info.

How To Get Avon Subscribers

My favorite method for getting Avon subscribers is to offer free samples online or when you’re at a booth with other Avon colleagues. 

Can you see who has unsubscribed from your Avon list?

Yes. Any name that does not appear to have a check mark in the “Subscribed” column has either opted out or is no longer subscribed for another reason.

What percentage of subscribed customers place orders? 

I have 174 customers and only 60% are subscribed to emails.

From that 60%, roughly 25% place Avon orders regularly.

Essentially, higher subscribers numbers generate more consistent Avon sales.

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How often does Avon send emails?

Avon customers receive email promotions for Avon Free shipping codes as well as giveaways and free product every couple of days.

All of these Avon selling tips with your contact list can be easily navigated from your phone. 

Even if you’re a shy Avon Representative, no worries…there are lots of ways you can still advertise your Avon business online

Remember Tips

Your contact list is your employee. She shows up when you can’t be there. Avon emails remind your customers of deals. Subscribe to your contact list yourself so that you stay in the know!

You can assume that customers who have already made 1-2 purchases are likely to buy again. Send free Avon product samples or a simple thank you card.

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