Two Trees & 100 Avon Deals For Holiday Beauty

I decided to put up more than 1 tree this year. One in my bedroom, one in my daughter’s room, and one in the living room. Some say it’s too much…I think it’s perfect right along with the 100+ Avon deals I cant wait to share with you!

My bedroom tree

I know most of us love Amazon online shopping but more and more Amazon is doing away from carrying certain brands. Avon deals and orders have really fast shipping and never disappoint. Check out the reviews on some of the finds I list on my Avon store before buying.

Avon Deals For Lipstick

Avon makeup is timeless and never goes out of style. Constantly challenging the latest trends, there are always new and exciting lipstick, foundation, and eye makeup buys that satisfy the beauty senses in all of us. I particularly love our lipsticks. (Avon Matte lipstick to be exact) Although I love Avon Lip Crave for days when I’m not feeling bold and beautiful and just want a hint of color.


Avon Deals For Getting The Holiday Glow

One of the things I can’t live without are Avon Dazzle Drops. Not only do they provide the touch of glow needed when I haven’t had enough water to drink, but they’re affordable. Easily mix/drop them into your foundation bottle or use the makeup applicator to coat your face with glow before applying foundation. Not feeling like wearing makeup today? These work great solo as well. You won’t look like a bright uneven torch leaving the house but you’ll be glowing. 


Avon Deals For Dry Skin Relief

The Avon Anew Hydra Fusion line is fairly new, released last year. I wasn’t quick to jump on the bandwagon because I thought I had my dry skin cleansing routine down to a science. I was wrong. It started with a simple sample and now Hydra Fusion is a staple on my messy bathroom counter. Hyaluronic Serum is my top favorite for evening my skin tone. But the entire Hydra Fusion line is undeniably affordable and top quality formulas. 

Avon Deals For Skin Tightening

I began using Anew Platinum when I turned 40. I noticed that the skin around my eyes wasn’t as tight when I applied eye shadow. Over the years, I thought anti-aging skin care wasn’t for me. “I’m not even 40 yet, why do I need that,” I thought. Clearly I didn’t have a clue. Time sneaks up on us and at some point, I had to stop running from the inevitable. Anew Platinum day cream gets daily use.

Top 10 Avon How To Videos From The Pros

One of the perks I enjoy about being an Avon Representative are the amount of videos made about our products, how they work, how to apply them, and how to create any look I want. There are too many videos to name, so I’ll list my top 10 Avon How To videos from the pros. Take the skin care quiz to get started.

How to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines

Top 5 Beauty Looks

How to get clear skin

How to Contour & Highlight

Anti-Wrinkle Tips

How to treat rough & bumpy skin

How to do Natural Makeup

How to get Glowing Skin

How to find your best Lipstick

The Ultimate Mascara Guide

My Favorite Deals Page In Avon Campaign 26 Online Brochure


Flip the pages of Avon Campaign 26 online brochure


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