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Top Skin Care Do’s & Don’ts During Quarantine

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Some skin care tips are obvious, others not so much. Read to know 6 skin care tips to try during quarantine to keep your skin healthy.

Have you wondered do you even need to apply sunscreen if you’re staying indoors all day? If you’re in your PJ’s all day working from home, or sell Avon online only from home, try these skin care tips that will help during quarantine. 

Do’s & Don’t Skin Care Tips 


Do: Use an eye cream every day, join the wait list for this brightening Eye Cream

Don’t: Rub your eyes or pull the skin around your eyes when applying facial cleanser


Do: Get some sunshine Vitamin C in your life but use SPF specifically for your face

Don’t: Think you don’t need SPF anymore (you can still get sun damage from driving)


Do: Use Vitamin C antioxidant lip balm

Don’t: Use chapstick or lip balm without vitamin c or sunscreen


Do: Change your pillowcases & linens to protect your face from your natural body oils

Don’t: Think since you’re not going outside as much that they don’t need changing


Do: Take advantage of time at home to do the ugly stuff like detoxifying masks

Don’t: Leave cream cleansers on your face all day thinking it’s better for you


Do: Give yourself a steam facial. YouTube has great ways to do it from home with an anti-aging facial serum

Don’t: Cleanse your face without first applying warm water (if you’re not in the shower)

Bare faced and holding my holy grail Avon Dazzle Drops


Everyone has a 100 different ideas of things to do while we’re at home. Here’s how Avon execs are spending their time in quarantine.

Thanks for checking out some of the skin care tips I have been doing at home during quarantine. Since I’m also working from home, I’ve put on a couple of pounds so the least I can do is take care of my skin though right? Ha. Catch me on Pinterest for more Avon selling tips. Not an Avon Representative yet? It only takes 5 minutes to sign up to sell Avon online only and join Team Gorgeous Avon Reps. 


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