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14 Ways To Help Inactive Avon Team Members

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14 Ways To Help Inactive Avon Team Members


Hi friends! One of the least known things about being an Avon Representative is how difficult it is to cultivate a team of successful Avon Reps. We all sign up with expectations. Some of us want more money and perks of the Avon business, some want to enjoy a discount, and others have a desire to be in business for themselves.

Here’s what I’ve learned about team mentor-ship and leading when you have at least one Avon recruit, plus some tips to get your Avon team to place their first order. 

1| Add your new Avon team members to all of the major Avon Facebook groups

2| Send them a brochure if they signed up during the free sign up period. (those recruits did not receive a starter kit)

3| Share the best deals for Avon reps every campaign. Show that products aren’t expensive.

4| Notate their birthday. Send birthday cards and welcome to the team letters.

5| Send samples! Our befit samples are inexpensive and very popular.

6| Encourage them to recruit 1 family member or friend right away.

7| Create a Facebook group for your team and do a Facebook Live when someone new joins your team. I wrote once about marketing your Avon Using FB stories.

8| Find out about them. Are they outgoing or shy? Do they want to start a blog or sell in person to family and friends? 

9| Add them as a Facebook friend immediately. 

10| Show examples of your cart and discount when you’ve placed orders on

11|  Find out the best way they like to be contacted. Some people have a preference (email, text, Facebook etc.)

12| Share your personal journey and ask what they are looking to achieve.

13| Get the name and number of at least 1 person they think would be interested and recruit for them. 

14| Lastly, lead by example. How you market your business influences how your team does. 

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