June 6, 2020

The Avon Mom Blog

By Nicole Mae

How Do You Become An Avon Rep Online

If you could save more money without actually putting anything into your savings account, what would that look like? For me, 4 years ago, that meant investing in an opportunity where I would pay myself commission. I thought about all the companies I was supporting…..Sephora, MAC, Clinique etc. It was clear that I had another option to try. So I did and it was life changing.

I became an Avon Representative For $25 in 2016

Imagine receiving over $150 worth of beauty products for only $25. In 2016, when I became an Avon Representative, that happened to me. 

The beauty industry is recession-proof and it’s not going anywhere! The risk-free foolproof  free way to become an Avon rep online is free with no strings attached or fine print to worry about. (If you’re reading this after the promo ends, the sign up is $30 which comes w/ a starter kit)

Don’t Miss The Free Sign Up…You’ll Regret It

When I signed up 5 Gorgeous Avon Reps to kick-butt in their new Avon business in only one week, I knew this alluring opportunity wasn’t a joke. A few ladies have since seen the mind blowing discount and catapulted their business in just a short time. 


1st Step|

Visit youravon.com and read about the ways you’ll carve out a business and become an Avon rep online. Then click on Sign Up and quickly fill out your name, email address, and create a password. 

2nd Step| 

After completing the first step, you’ll continue to tell us your address, birthday, and what you’d like the name of your Avon e-store to be. Or if you choose to stop at step 1, Avon sends an exclusive notice with more information about how to boss up and complete your representative sign on. (Outside of free sign up dates, in step 2 you’ll submit a sign up payment with a Visa/MC/ Amex/Disc or pre-paid card with a major logo. If you don’t have a major card w/ logo, contact me and I can help.)

3rd Step|

Check your email for your Avon Representative Business ID or account number. Next, visit youravon.com again and use your account number to sign in with the password you created in step 1 as your Avon Now Password.

avon perks logo

Some Avon Perks, Discounts, & Bonuses

$40 Off Meal Delivery from Sunbasket

40% off Outdoor & Camping Gear at Marmot

Save 55% off HP Electronics

Save up to 90% on Pet Bills w/ Pet’s Best Insurance

Receive 40% off a new bike w/ Diamondback

Avon Representatives Get $150 Visa Gift Card + $20 savings w/ each new line at T-mobile Magenta or Magenta Plus

Avon Representatives receive 20% off phone cases w/ Casemate

Avon Representatives receive 15% off Otterbox cases

Avon Representatives receive 20% off Lifeproof cases

Avon Representatives receive Apple Employee Purchase Discount Services

Avon Representatives save monthly on AT&T, Sprint, & Verizon cellular services

Avon Representatives receive 20% off strollers & more @ Graco

Avon Representatives receive 25% off A La Carte order with Wine Insiders

These are just a few of the perks you instantly qualify for after you become an Avon rep online.

You’ll receive an email with offers and special links to these offers after you become an Avon Rep Online.

I recently used the pet insurance discounts to purchase a plan for my puppy for only $10/mo. that covers all vet visits & emergencies. When my pup got sick, I didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

woman lying on grass touching skin

Gorgeous Avon Reps Who Became An Avon Rep Online This Month

Sierra’s Online Store

Victoria’s Online Store

Kimberly’s Online Store

Jeanne’s Online Store

Wendy’s Online Store

Felicia’s Online Store

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