Understanding The Confusing Avon Now App

Earlier this year, Avon revamped the Avon Now App for representatives. Yet even for me, the Avon Now App had changes that were a little confusing.

I’ve taken the Manage Business section of the menu and highlighted the most used tools, how to use them, and what they mean.

Head To The “Manage Business” Section Of The Avon Now App

  • The Avon digital catalog online now has tools to help anyone find their perfect shade of lipstick or foundation
  • In addition to making shopping easier, it also links to your e-store sale and new arrivals
  • Create your own discounts for anyone you’d like for free shipping and 10% off
  • Send only the sections of your catalog that your customers love the most
  • Use the Beauty Buzz News section to brush up on webinars for business, How To vids, virtual sales meetings, and Avon perks and promotions for Reps only 

Web Office

Under “Web Office” is my favorite place to check for new Avon orders that may have come from new customers. You’ll also see if someone new has subscribed to your page here. 

Promotion Tool

Click on “Create a promotion” here to select a a special discount offer to extend to any of your customers. The selections range from Free shipping codes for purchases $50 and up to 10% off $50 and then free samples with any purchase.

The free sample option is great because it does not have a minimum purchase amount required. Note: The customer you create a promotion for has to be subscribed in your contacts in order for you to select their name. 

Catalog Tool

In this module, the entire Avon catalog is visible in a mobile-friendly version for each subscriber. The edit option allows you to un-check the pink check mark to hide certain content.

Clicking “Share” creates a link to be shared via Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, email, or text. Every link beside each customer name is the same. Select “share” on any of them and use that link to share your e-store to Pinterest every 2 weeks. I wrote about how to create Pinterest graphics to get more clicks when sharing Avon pins. Note: You can send the an Avon catalog link for the current campaign and the previous one as well with this tool. 

Beauty Buzz News

For 3 weeks in advance, start your business day by reading updates for Avon to include training dates, promotions, bonus incentives, Facebook Lives, and Avon benefit highlights.

Business Calendar

Have a printer? This tool is great for printing your business details for the month. The printable calendar shows everything going on for each day with Avon training and news. Print the calendar each month and place it in your desk area. Check it regularly to keep track of the events you can attend online. 

Avon Perks

Hands down this is one of my most talked about reminders of why I enjoy my Avon business. In the Avon Now App, search for this tool under “Manage Business” and make sure to sign up for your Avon perks right away.

If you’re just starting with Avon, this should be done immediately. New Avon Representatives have access to these perks once their sign up is complete and they have access to this on their back office. Reminder: To access your Avon back office, simply login onto youravon.com and enter your Avon account number and password. 

Gorgeous Avon Reps t-shirt

Marketing Hub

One stop shop for creating Facebook posts for your Avon business. In this module within the Avon Now app, there are several headings to choose from. 

Avon Social, Videos, Online Store, Digital Catalog, Fundraising, and Advertising

Select “Try A Post” to go directly to Avon Social where anything you create automatically links back to your e-store. 

Select “See Videos” and share any of these beautifully curated videos to your social media pages. 

Send An E-Card

At the very bottom of the “Manage Business” drop down menu in your Avon back office, you’ll use the templates here to send cards to team members or customers.

Six gorgeous pages of email templates are here ranging from Birthday wishes to team building reminders for those who have at least 1 person on their team. 

I hope I was able to help some of you break down this section of the Avon Now App under the “Manage Business” drop down. Are you an Avon Rep? Leave your blog link below!


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