5 Cutting Boards That Make You Look Good In The Kitchen

Maybe your current cutting board has seen better days. Here’s a list of top reviewed beautifully made unique cutting boards. These unique cutting boards make you look good in the kitchen even when something is burning.

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bamboo cutting board with storage

1| Bamboo Cutting Board With Storage

Bamboo is a great fit for the inexperienced kitchen dweller. You’re less likely to serve your guests salmonella since a cutting board this hard has minimal absorption. Cut the raw chicken & fruits with a wash in between without scaring anyone. This one is a unique cutting board because it has storage, which you don’t often see. I have a feeling this one may be a pain to clean though.

slate cutting board

2| Slate Stone Cheese Cutting Board

Something about slate, granite and all of those stones make anyone in the kitchen feel fancy. Stainless steel appliances get a cousin with this board because it blends so well with metals. The natural stone cutting board is just an earthy element to serving refreshments on girls night in or putting the hot loaf of baked bread right in the center. 


blue and wood cutting board

3| Ocean Wave Blue Cutting Board

Absolutely unique ocean wavy blue and wood cutting board that looks like it should be in a beach house kitchen. You can either fill it with cheese and crackers or leave it empty and it will spark conversation. This wins my vote for most unique cutting board that Walmart and Target don’t have.

  periodic table cutting board

4| I Like To Cook, Periodically Cutting Board

Do you have any kids at home? A Periodic Table cutting board is a great way to teach the kids who love joining you in the kitchen. They’ll know their elements before any other child in their classroom. I’m upset that I didn’t think of this Periodic Table cutting board idea first. 

cheese cutting board with ramekins

5| Wood & Ceramic Platter Cutting Board

What I love the most about this wood & ceramic cutting board is that ceramic bowls can be removed to only leave cut-outs for your chopped items. Replace the bowls again for serving and it’s a classy statement piece. 

Thanks so much for rolling with me. You can catch more of my silly revelations by checking out my Pinterest. Catch ya later ;)

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