10 Anti-Anxiety Bathroom Decor Ideas

I suffer from anxiety of a few different kinds. So I’m always seeking out ways to keep my home relaxing and calm. Here are some unique ideas for bathroom decor ideas that will help your anxiety levels stay low. 

I found some really gorgeous things ( in peace inspiring designs) that will lift your mood in the morning when placed in your bathroom. Let me know what you think!

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on them, I may be compensated at no add’l cost to you. Rest assured that I don’t recommend anything I wouldn’t like myself. You can read more here.

10| Natural Fiber Large Bathroom Rug

Do you enjoy the way it feels when you open a window or a door? If you love the sunlight and the breeze, do something out of the ordinary by placing a natural fiber rug in the bathroom. Natural fibers bring in elements from outdoors and invoke some peace in us when we need it most in the AM.

9| Abstract Canvas Tree Art

Anyone else have an art buying addiction? I do know that a well placed piece of art can have you sitting on the throne in a daze. Whether or not that’s good, I recommend finding something like this tree art stretched canvas to adorn one of those bare bathroom walls. This one comes is over 20 styles.

8| Fountain Mirror Waterfall 72″

I’m secretly waiting to buy this waterfall for my bathroom. You need to have a little wall ands floor space for this one but can you imagine waking up to a spa waterfall? Or better yet, taking the midnight trip to the bathroom without having to turn on the light at all? I would probably want to cuddle up next to it and fall asleep right there. I love this spa inspired waterfall mainly because it’s 72″ tall and gives me all kinds of Zen vibes.

7| Floor Length Beveled Mirror 66×32 

I specifically looked for an extra wide floor length mirror to add to this list. I love this addition because you don’t need a really large bathroom for it. Personally, I hate staring at myself in the mirror but you can’t deny that it makes the room bigger and brighter almost every time.

6| Extra Long Nautical Shower Curtain

Stripes!!! As a plus size girl, I stick to vertical stripes as a rule. This lovely nautical bathroom shower curtain is an exception that creates a bright, crisp, clean feel in the morning. Although I don’t prefer white or navy bathroom rugs. White rugs get dirty easily and navy rugs show too much lint. That’s why I love the idea of a natural fiber rug to go with this bathroom look. Tip: get the extra long curtain and hang it ceiling high. 

5| Farmhouse Over Toilet Rustic Storage Cabinet

Everywhere you look, farmhouse doors are growing more and more popular. But have you ever priced them? They’re no where near an affordable add on. That’s why I fell in love with this over the toilet farmhouse cabinet that almost looks like a built in!

4| Velvet Tufted High Back Accent Chair 

Fancy, classy, and every girl should have one. This tufted high back chair comes in red and a few other bold colors. It’s another piece that needs a bit more room but always serves a need when you have to just sit for a moment and collect your thoughts, especially in the morning.

3| LED Modern Wall Sconce (Set of 2)

Lighting is underrated. My mood is instantly determined by the light in the room. Bright LED lights make me feel like I need to sit up in my chair for a boring work training. Soft lights relax me and in between light sconces like these modern sconces, are the perfect bathroom lighting addition for makeup prep. Ok, they’re also really fancy, which I adore.

2| 5′ Tower Artificial White Corn Stalk Planter

I may lose a few of you here who don’t care for artificial plants. I realize that, but hear me out. The base of this artificial Yucca plant is what steals the show. It’s a mixture of modern bamboo stalk and greenery. I call it a perfect balance of modern and traditional. Plus, it’s 5′ tall and will give your bathroom a huge presence of nature with minimal space.

1| Spa Luxe Hot Towel Warmer 

Have you ever seen anyone have a towel warmer outside of the ritzy hotels? If you have enough space for this bathroom towel warmer in your walk in closet, bathroom counter, or under the sink, you’ve just finished the last piece of your spa bathroom in style, no doubt! Winter residents, be warned that you might need a larger one for the bigger towels too!

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