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How To Layer $25 Perfume So It Lasts All Day

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Hey friends! Some perfumes are heavenly but only for 30 minutes. Here’s a way to have a fresh all day scent with some small tweaks in your routine that will make your perfume last all day. Plus a few tips to enhance your natural scent. 

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Bath & Body Works

Have some BB spray or lotion laying around? Believe it or not, BB is compatible with everything! (I learned this from my best male friend) Use any of the Bath & Body lotions or sprays just to moisten your wrists. Spray on your perfume and it will lasts all day! Fresh out of the shower scent!


Spray After Shower

After a hot shower, your pores are the most open. It’s the best time to apply your moisturizer, shave, and yep…..spray on your fragrance for the day. Right after you dab your skin dry with a towel, apply  perfume to your neck and wrists and finish drying off. I love Vera Wang’s Flower Princess because it’s under $20.


Use A Body Oil or Vaseline

Egyptian musk is my absolute favorite body oil. But you can use any body oil or unscented Vaseline you like to enhance the fragrance of your perfume. After all, perfumes are made with a variety of oils and bases. Using body oil as a base before perfume turns your fragrance into a long lasting oil. Although, it’s a good idea to test out the combination first and see if it compliments your natural scent.


Spray Your Hairbrush

There’s something mysterious about a woman who’s hair smells intoxicating. Just a few sprays of your perfume in your hairbrush will go a long way to making your scent last all day long. That freshness is carried with every move you make throughout the day. Even on a day where you’re not feeling up to wearing a fragrance, a light hair & body mist is perfect for your hairbrush.


Spray Your Dryer Sheets

You only need to do this once a month. Spray a few dryer sheets and hang one on 5 different hangers in your closet. The fragrance fills up the closet and the hanging clothes too. You could also opt for perfumed dryer sheets in the kids’ closets to keep their clothes fresh.


Spray Wet Jeans

How often do you wear jeans? If more than a few of your outfits call for your favorite pair of jeans, hang them dry one day. Spray them with your perfume and allow them to dry. I also love using felt hangers sprayed with perfume. Felt hangers take up less room in your closets so you’re able to hang more clothing as opposed to plastic hangers.


Put Sachets In Your Drawers & Closet

Sachets are small packets of dried flower buds. The most popular sachets are Lavender Vanilla. They’re also 100% natural with no added chemicals. Another popular scent among people who use sachets is clean linen. I like these because they compliment our natural pheromones. 


Here’s a list of my top 7 favorite inexpensive perfumes under $25

1| Lucky You For Women

2| Christian Audigier Ed Hardy For Women

3| Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl

4| Femme by Usher

5| Paris For Her

6| Elizabeth Arden White Tea

7| Perfect Scents Inspired by Chanel #5

Changing your fragrance is as fun as changing your hair style. It doesn’t cost much to experiment! For more luxury living hacks, subscribe to our newsletter.

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