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How To Make Money With Avon Post Covid

We’re all wearing masks now and nothing is the same. Your Avon business has to adjust in order to make money with Avon during and after Covid.

Did You Know There’s Been An Increase In Avon Signups? 

The U.S. and UK both reported large increases in Avon Representative signups recently. Of course it makes you wonder what products are people able to sell successfully with Avon during the rise in mask wearing. Is lipstick even still as popular? Or has home hair treatments taken the lead? Anything DIY at home has definitely taken the lead!

 Top Ways To Make Money With Avon During & After Covid


Add Addresses To Your Campaign Mailer Account

Holidays are the best time to ask for addresses, birthdays, & personal information such as phone numbers and emails. Do you love going to the Dollar Tree? I can’t seem to go without blowing $30 on knick knacks. Grab some Dollar Tree card packs (They usually have them on the end caps) and send greetings year round.  Send a soft reminder that you still have an Avon business by putting one of your cards in the envelope. Stamps aren’t too expensive either. Follow up the greeting card with a brochure from your Campaign Mailer account. One year, I was able to rack up over 60+ new addresses to add to my database just by talking about the holidays. 

(The last 5 Avon signups I’ve had have been from ladies finding my brochure from months ago laying around the house.)


If You Don’t Have A Newsletter Yet, Start One Now

Everyone is shopping online! My mailbox is probably overflowing right now from Amazon packages. Do you already have an Avon database of emails? Create a fun and inviting newsletter for your readers.

I used to write a newsletter when I was a marketing director and it was fun to come up with things to attract readers. Constant Contact is a great resource for newsletter stats. It would tell me what my readers clicked on and of course if they deleted or opened my newsletter. The ideas are endless but have a contest, include an inspirational story, and definitely include coupon codes and free gift codes.

Keep your newsletter short and sweet when first starting out. Here are the best email subject lines to get people to open your email.

Launch your site for free today.


Use Customer Reviews In Your Avon Blog/Newsletter


Do you read reviews on anything you spend over $200 on? I started paying more attention to real reviews a few years ago. Blogging and sending a newsletter are a great way to keep your customer base engaged these days.

My tip: Use Avon customer reviews in your blog or Avon newsletter. For example, the Anew Hydra Fusion Gel Cream scores a high 4.8/5 on it’s reviews. Out of it’s 351 total reviews, that’s a great score. I love a good before and after photo too. Especially when it’s believable. 


Definitely Use Your Insider Blog!

The Avon Insider Blog section of your Avon boutique is full of snazzy and eye catching article titles like this one “The Best Gifts For Kids“. The Insider is great for those times where you’re browsing Pinterest and decide to pin some content.

Maybe you haven’t written anything new? If so, just visit your Insider Blog, create a great looking tall pin in Canva, and post it to several boards on your business Pinterest. Find out how to convert your personal Pinterest into a business page. I’ve created a few viral video pins with the help of the Pinterest video tutorial. You can find your Avon Insider Blog at the bottom of your homepage in the footer, under “Company”. 

Need help growing your Avon business? Try reading the 10 ladies Who Should Be Selling Avon to see if one of your friends needs a lil nudge. 

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