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Who Are The Most Loyal Avon Customers?

Hey ladies! It’s been a while since I’ve added a blog post about Avon Selling Tips.

I came across this info while browsing my Avon customer address book some months ago. I hadn’t had a chance to finally tell you about it until now. Life has been crazy this way as I’m sure may be the case with you.

I’m going to reveal the most loyal Avon customer in your address book….. And it’s great for shy Avon reps.


Your E Subscribers!

Think about the advertising emails you have coming to your inbox. The companies that you don’t mind hearing from aren’t as annoying as the ones you have no interest in. Subscribers are  your most loyal customers! 

Let’s Start Here

Open up your Avon address book in the Avon app under Web Office. As you scroll your customer names, you’ll see some names with an “e” in a circle. (Pictured below)

This “e” means that your customer subscribed to your Avon estore online and currently receiving Avon emails on your behalf.

What this also means is that she voluntarily subscribed. These are the customers that you want to reach out to.


How To Reach Out To E Subscribers

  • Send an Avon brochure (old or updated)
  • Send a personal card
  • Create a list of these subscribers
  • Send holiday cards
  • Send fundraising flyers

Subscribed customers deserve to hold an actual brochure in their hand. I looked up a subscriber’s address once on Google Maps ( I was being nosey) and she lived in the middle of nowhere, on a farm it seemed.

I knew then that she would appreciate a brochure.

It didn’t look like there was any type of store near her home. I sent her one and within a few days she began ordering from my e-store. She continues to order to this day. 

How To Use Customer Location To Get More Avon Orders

Every year I get 100+ orders of Holiday Hand lotion!

When I noticed that my subscriber customer lived on a farm, I started thinking about the Avon products she’d like. You can use cold or warm climate as inspiration for catering to your customers. Every year, I have 3 orders come in for 100+ of the holiday hand lotions.

That’s the only thing that these customers order from me all year.

But I can count on getting those hand lotion orders every year. And of course, all 3 of them live in very cold climates that get snow regularly.

One More Thing….

Small town subscribers typically have a close knit circle of family & friends. It doesn’t hurt to ask her if anyone else would like to receive a brochure.

You may want to go into offering the opportunity to join. I talked about how to recognize potential Avon reps on another blog post.

Cater to your e-subscribers, and let me know how this works for you in the comments! Until next time! Xoxo Nicole

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