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 I always had a quirky kind of style and struggled with hair and makeup in finding my own lane. Standing at 5’10” was a challenge on top of that when it came to finding the right clothes. It was expensive to pay so much for beauty products I wasn’t great at using.

Today, my beauty spending is next to nothing. In return, I’m blessed to be using some of the most renowned products in the world. I love the way my Avon Anew is preserving my youth. 

Join me on this journey and you won’t regret it. 

Nicole Mae

Nicole Mae

Hi, Nicole here!  So you decided to click on an Avon blogger’s stuff? Was it something I said? I Hope so!

I’m a 40 something Haitian-American Mom blogger from New Orleans but residing in Florida with my daughter and family. Becoming an Avon Representative helped me scratch the blogging itch I had acquired in 2016. As a single Momma, I started to feel guilty spending so much on my beauty product collection. Having a full face slay when the baby needs burping and rocking didn’t seem as important at the time. 

Since then I’ve learned that blogging is like being a gamer. It’s not only addictive but therapeutic, and relaxing with some small wins along the way. In this blog, you’ll find the ways I come out of my shell as a blogger to help you and others do the same.

Where can you find me?

I hang out on Pinterest and the ‘gram and I’m always game for collaborations!





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