Hey, I’m Nicole, a wannabe blogger Mom of 1 from New Orleans. And I’m obsessed with staying up all night, work from home opportunities, and thinking of ways to quit being an adult and how to be a better adult at the same time. Oh and I support LGBTQ rights. 

I’ve been a blogging Avon Rep since 2016. A little bit of schooling and life experience has prepared me to leverage a few businesses on the side to include Avon & a marketing company.

About 2 years into being with Avon, I fell in love with this dreamy image of myself….the stay at home mom blogger in the coffee shop with a Macbook and a cup of creamer with/coffee.

Two years later…I’m still working my day job. This stuff takes time y’all. But happily I can say that I’m only working part time now. Blogging and Mommying fills in the rest of the schedule.

Here, you’ll find the ways that I use my Avon business to help others with that coffee shop dream. Having a direct sales business is the best and easiest way to start on online writing journey.

And guess what…

Statistics have proven that within the next 10 years, more than 50% of us will be working from home. If you want a piece of that independence pie, let’s connect!

I hang out on Pinterest and the ‘gram and I’m always down to feature and interview weird folks like me!



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