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 I always had a quirky kind of style and struggled with hair and makeup in finding my own lane. Standing at 5’10”, everything style and fashion seemed to be an impossible hurdle. 

Today, my beauty spending is next to nothing and I make money on the side too! In return, I’m blessed to be using some of the most renowned products in the world. I love the way Avon Anew is preserving my youth. 

Join me on this journey and you won’t regret it. 

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Nicole Mae

Nicole Mae

Hi, Nicole here!  So you decided to click on an Avon blogger’s stuff? Was it something I said? I Hope so!

I’m a 40 something Haitian-American Mom blogger from New Orleans but residing in Florida with my daughter and family. Becoming an Avon Representative helped me scratch the blogging itch I had acquired in 2016. As a Mom, I felt guilty splurging the way I used to on beauty products. I decided to join Avon for discount purposes and I’m still here! In this blog, I share ways to get the makeup, skincare, and beauty items you really want for less. 

Where can you find me?

I hang out on Pinterest and the gram. I’m always game for collaborations!











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