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Gorgeous Avon Reps share Avon selling tips for success. Find other ways to sell Avon online only from successful Avon Reps.


♥Jeanie from New York, is part of the self titled #streetsquadreps of Avon who connect with every day people through sharing Avon brochures and collecting orders. Jeanie rides public transportation in NY which saves on gas. She has a designated package day for deliveries and has worked hard to achieve President’s Club earnings this year! I admire her drive and determination!

♥Other Avon reps connect via YouTube and social media. If you haven’t uploaded a video of yourself, try and make that a goal for this year. Share your video across all of your social media pages so that it gains more views. Make sure your background is tidy and your lighting is natural. Include links to all of your website’s, blogs, and/or social media pages in the description of your Avon YouTube video. (you’ll have to do this manually)

If you use a fun app to record videos, and upload those videos to Youtube, no matter the length of the video. Include links to all of your website’s, blogs, and/or social media pages in the description of your Avon YouTube video. (you’ll have to do this manually)


♥Some Avon Representatives find success by hosting shows or setting up displays. They’re able to do this quite easily because the more Avon product you buy, the less you spend. By placing a $200 personal order, as a beginner Avon Representative, you will likely save $60-$70 off your order.

Do that twice and you’ll have enough product to host a display. Samples are crazy inexpensive as well.

If you’re a shy Avon Rep and also a night owl, do your brochure dropping at night. At night, some people really do come alive. As a mom and advocacy for single parents, I loved dropping our small brochures off at laundry mats. If there’s a pin up board, I would keep my cards or flyers stocked there.

How Avon Leadership Helps Your Business

If you can quickly recruit 2 friends or family members as soon as you start selling Avon, your chances at success grow by leaps and bounds. Avon provides various ways to grow your team once you’re in leadership. You can choose to receive strong leads from Avon corporate that help put you in contact with ladies who have expressed a definite interest in Avon. Once you’re in leadership, the rest is easy.


Another benefit of Avon leadership deals with receiving detailed information from visitors. Those who browse your site are still tracked for an email follow-up. Armed with names, emails, and phone numbers, you’re ready to begin your follow up process with these potential beauty bosses.

How Avon Trains You For Success (For Free)

The Avon back office gives you access to high tech tools for success. One of which is Avon U (Avon University). Choose to become a certified Anew Skincare Consultant, learn what type of social media engagement brings recruits and customers, earn badges to display and points towards big ticket prizes like trips, computers, and brand new cars. There’s so much more that you can customize to work for you when you’re no where near a computer or phone.

♥These tools ensure your success with Avon. I especially use Avon Social Media for all of my posts! Once a week, I sit down and schedule posts out for the week. I can customize the times, days. captions and links.

♥If you visit my Facebook page, you’ll see that most of my posts (except for Instagram) are all content planned with Avon Social Media. This service is free of charge and I gained 3 new page likes within my first week of using the post planner.

Use Pinterest EVERY DAY.






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