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Bentley & I in my kitchen. I’m posing, he’s plotting.

Hey it’s Nicole!

A Little About Me

I live in Florida with my daughter & our new pup. My life is pretty normal… laundry, cooking, cleaning & checking homework and on a daily basis. When I’m not doing any of that, I’m either thinking up blog post ideas or studying for my real estate exam.

A few years ago, I learned that I had a brain tumor that affects my memory & mood. It’s called a pituitary tumor. Basically my body thinks I’m pregnant 24/7. Sounds depressing right?! Blogging has kept me from losing my mind….literally.

Single Coley & Happy About It

Crazy how the wrong relationship can pull you so far away from who you are! I remember sitting down to blog just so I could keep my mind off the mental and emotional abuse I had put up with for way too long. Retail therapy is a thing, I use it often. But so is blog therapy.

I’m far away from anyone who can hurt me again and keeping track of the milestones in my life with my blog. Hopefully it can help you with either Avon selling tips, shopping for plus size clothes online, saving money or a smile. Although I’ll warn you that I’m not funny by a long shot. My humor is cornball at best!

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