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Looking for the current Avon brochure online? Browse and select items right off the page with simple steps to shop online from your mobile device, PC, or tablet. 

Current Avon Brochure Online shop-now-button

There are 100  Ways you can shop Avon online but I’ll just name 8. (Just a tip: Avon has renamed the “brochure” and it’s now referred to as “The Book”)

View the current Avon brochure anytime from your phone.

No matter what the current Avon brochure is, you can always view the current deals from my estore here.

The beauty in viewing the current brochure this way is that you’ll simply tap on any product to add it to your cart right from the page.

brochure book shop.png

Avon campaigns have 2-4 new books of trending product every campaign. Select the book you’d like to view first and use the side arrows to flip the pages.


avon book inside.png

I flipped the pages and clicked on this pair of earrings. I can now choose to add this to my cart or wish list, or I can click away and go back to viewing the whole page of products.

8 Ways To Buy Avon Online

1. Text Gorgeous to 444999 for a text link to my estore

Request to receive a digital link to shop Avon online at your convenience.

2. Request an Avon Book by mail

Do you prefer a page turner? I’ll mail a fresh copy of an Avon brochure to your home or business.

3. Use the Avon Book page turner

Using the brochure link, you can add items to your cart, read reviews, and place your order at your convenience night or day. I do my best shopping at night.

4. Using the search bar

When visiting any Avon website, there’s a search bar visible on both personal computers and mobile devices. You can use this search bar if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

5. Shop What’s New Avon

One of the highly anticipated Avon brochures is definitely the What’s New. It highlights everything on trend and coming in the next campaign. There’s usually a hard to refuse offer that goes along with the most popular What’s New products.

6. Get inspired by How To Beauty Tips

Within every Avon Representative’s estore, there’s a beautiful little section I adore called Avon Insider. Our top notch MUA’s and beauty pros share tips, videos, and stories about living the boss life, balancing work and home, and beauty tips for flawless makeup application.

7. Shop Only Sales & Specials

Let’s say you only have a few dollars to splurge on yourself. You can go right to the sales and specials link and shop only for clearance and bargain buys.

8. Shop Quick Picks All Under $5

I love quick picks under $5! But they’re hard to catch the good finds in stock! These are typically final sale items. Avon comes out with so many new products, we just can’t keep everything.

avon brochure page

How to receive the current Avon book via text?

Using your mobile phone, open a new text message. In the area where you’d add a phone number enter the digits 444999.

Next, in the area where you would type a message, enter the letters gorgeous

You’ll receive a message to add your email address and/or phone number.

Thanks for signing up! You’ll receive a special text link for the current Avon brochure once every 2 weeks.

OR… fill out the easy form below.

Fill out this form to receive a link for the newest Avon deals & clearance. (multiple entries ok)

How to get an Avon brochure in the mail

Fill out the form below to get an Avon brochure delivered to your mailbox. (1 entry per household)



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